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Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 25 July 2006.


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Memoranda submitted by Baroness Ashton of Upholland

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: BARONESS ASHTON OF UPHOLLAND, a Member of the House, Under-Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, MISS PAT REED and MR EDWIN KILBY, Department for Constitutional Affairs, examined.

Question Number

1 - 21



1.(13308/99) Toys - Safety (Phthalates)
2.(5557/01) Machinery Directive
3.(6580/02) Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions
4.(7239/02) Recognition of Professional Qualifications
5.(7312/03) Ship Source Pollution and on the introduction of sanctions
6.(10143/03) Extractive Industries Waste
7.(10904/03) Unfair Commercial Practices
8.(11145/03, 7410/04) Shipments of Waste
9.(11646/03) Nutrition and Health claims made on food
10.(11817/03, 5051/04, 13394/04, 14248/04, 7426/05, 9125/05) UK Presidency: Indirect Tax
11.(12082/03) Eco-design requirements for Energy-using Products
12.(12168/03) Road Transport Activities
13.(12179/03) Fluorinated Gases
14.(12985/03) Groundwater Pollution
15.(13074/03) World Health Organisation - International Health Regulations
16.(13693/03) Motor Vehicles: Frontal Protection Systems
17.(14152/03, 14153/03, 15154/03) Aarhus Convention
18.(14842/03) Addition of Vitamins and Minerals to Food
19.(15409/03) REACH
20.(15494/03) Batteries and Accumulators
21.(15820/03) Driving Licenses
22.(16261/03) Energy End-Use Efficiency
23.(0432/04) Regional Aid Guidelines
24.(5118/04) Measures to Safeguard Security of Electricity Supply and Infrastructure Investment
25.(6363/04) Enhancing Port Security
26.(6431/04) Digital Content in Europe: More Accessible, Usable and Exploitable
27.(7190/04) Restrictions on the Marketing and Use of certain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Extender Oils and Tyres
28.(7532/04) Vehicle Type Approval Directive
29.(7615/04) European Order for Payment Procedure
30.(7677/04) Company Law Directive: Mandatory Audit Committees
31.(8131/04) Health and Long Term Care: Open Method of Co-ordination
32.(8200/04, 14009/04, 14999/04, 15999/04) Counter-Terrorism Measures and Exchange of Information
33.(8559/04) Bathing Water
34.(8839/04) Equal Treatment of Men and Women in matters of Employment and Occupation
35.(8881/04) Access to Community External Assistance
36.(9087/04) Comitology
37.(9123/04) Toluene and Trichlorobenzene
38.(9195/04) The Protection of Minors and Human Dignity and the Right of Reply in relation to the Competitiveness of the European Online and Audiovisual Information Services Industry
39.(9903/04) Police and Customs Co-operation
40.(9912/04) Harmonised River Traffic Information Services on Inland Waterways
41.(10244/04) Immigration: Links between Legal and Illegal
42.(10678/04) Minimum Health and Safety Requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from Physical Agents - Optical Radiation
43.(11134/04) 'Third Money Laundering Directive': Prevention of the Use of the Financial System for the purpose of money laundering, including terrorist financing
44.(11484/04) Community Air Traffic Controller Licence
45.(11495/04) European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, EAFRD
46.(11545/04) Capital Requirements Directive
47.(11557/04) Financing of the Common Agricultural Policy
48.(11572/04) Culture Programme 2007-2013
49.(11585/04) European Audiovisual Sector - Media 2007
50.(11586/04) European Youth Policy
51.(11587/04) Integrated Programme in the field of Lifelong Learning
52.(11606/04, 11637/04, 116688/04) European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund
53.(11636/04) European Social Fund
54.(11689/04) European Regional Development Fund
55.(11740/04) Trans-European Transport and Energy Network: Financial Aid
56.(11781/04) Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the Community, INSPIRE
57.(11816/04) Freight Transport System -'Marco Polo II'
58.(11834/04) European Space Policy: Galileo Research - Satellite radio Navigation
59.(12002/04) Partnership for change in an enlarged Europe - enhancing the contribution of the Social dialogue
60.(12200/04) Humane Trapping Standards
61.(12243/04) Mutual Recognition of Non-Custodial Pre-Trial Supervision Measures
62.(12343/04) Genetically Modified Oilseed Rape
63.(12537/04) Ship Source Pollution
64.(12683/04, 9554/05) Working Time
65.(12993/04) Mutual Administrative Assistance for the Protection of the Community's Financial Interests against Fraud and any other Illegal Activities
66.(13071/04) Financial Instrument for the Environment: LIFE +
67.(13489/04) Food Additives
68.(13495/04, 13969/04) European Co-operation in Quality Assurance in Higher Education
69.(13681/04) Market Access to Port Services
70.(13774/04) Dangerous Substances
71.(13852/04) Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters
72.(13880/04) Medicinal Products for Paediatric Use
73.(14064/04) Controls of Cash entering or leaving the Community
74.(14119/04, 14197/04) Company Law and Corporate Governance Proposals
75.(14136/04) Croatia Co-operation with ICTY
76.(14207/04) Prohibitions arising from convictions for sexual offences against children
77.(14246/04) Consumer Credit Harmonisation
78.(14248/04) VAT Simplification
79.(14811/04) Combating Euro Counterfeiting
80.(15249/04) European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) and The People's Republic of China: R&D Co-operation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
81.(15281/04) Exchange of Information extracted from the Criminal Record
82.(15342/04) INTERPOL: Transfer of Data
83.(15538/04) New Indicators on Education and Training
84.(15570/04, 15614/04) Nominal Quantities for Pre-packed products
85.(15715/04, 15726/04) European Electronic Communications Regulations and Markets 2004
86.(15874/04) TSEs: Prevention, Control and Eradication
87.(16026/04) Multi-Annual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
88.(16231/04) Rome II: Law applicable to Non-contractual Obligations
89.(5049/05) European Governance strategy for fiscal statistics
90.(5093/05) Visa Information System (VIS) and the Exchange of Data between Member States on Short-Stay Visas
91.(5140/05) Daphne Programme, 2000-2003
92.(5377/05) Euratom Safety and Security - Activities 2003
93.(5597/05) European Enforcement Order and the Transfer of Sentenced Persons between Member States
94.(5868/05) Internal Market Strategy
95.(5937/05) Rules of Procedure of the Court of First Instance
96.(5990/05) Growth and Jobs - A New start for the Lisbon Strategy
97.(6137/1/05) Exchange of Information extracted from the Criminal Record
98.(6175/05) European Neighbourhood Policy: Action Plans for Ukraine and Lebanon
99.(6206/05) Financing of Interventions
100.(6364/05) Working Conditions of Mobile Workers
101.(6370/05) Social Agenda 2005-2010
102.(6417/05) Climate Change: "Winning the Battle"
103.(6464/05) EU Drugs Action Plan, 2005-2008
104.(6582/05) Fight against organised crime
105.(6584/05) Exchanges of Information on Convictions
106.(6603/05) European Schools System
107.(6622/05) Air Travel: Rights of persons with reduced mobility
108.(6623/05) Passenger Rights
109.(6624/05) Air Transport: Identity of the Operating Carrier
110.(6702/05) Archives in Europe
111.(6703/05) Archives in Europe
112.(6815/05) European Arrest Warrant
113.(6888/05) Exchange of Information and Intelligence between Law Enforcement Authorities of EU Member States
114.(6924/05, 9461/05) Statistical data
115.(6930/05) Strengthening Cross-Border Police Co-operation
116.(7027/05) Succession and Wills
117.(7032/05) European Regulatory Agencies
118.(7214/05, 7369/05, 12044/05, 12045/05, 12276/05, 12752/05) External Aviation Policy
119.(7244/05) European Institute for Gender Quality
120.(7280/05, 7281/05, 7282/05) TENS Transport Projects
121.(7313/05) European Neighbourhood Policy
122.(7456/05) Rules of origin in preferential trade agreements
123.(7485/05) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction in Divorce Matters
124.(7578/05) Community Statistics
125.(7607/05) Confronting Demographic Change: A New Solidarity between the Generations
126.(7645/05) Taking into Account of convictions in Member States in New Criminal Proceedings
127.(7717/05) Preliminary Draft Amending Budgets
128.(7737/05) Custom Duties: Imports of certain products originating in the United States of America
129.(7798/05) European Medicines Agency
130.(7828/05) European Evidence Warrant
131.(7857/05) Common Framework for business registers for statistical purposes
132.(7952/05) Marine Fuel
133.(8008/05) Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs, 2005-08
134.(8064/05) Health and Consumer Protection Strategy
135.(8081/05) Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013
136.(8087/05) Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities
137.(8103/05) Exchange of Classified Information between the European Union and Swiss Confederation
138.(8137/05, 8138/05, 8139/05) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
139.(8142/05) Common Fisheries Policy
140.(8154/05)Citizens for Europe 2007-2013
141.(8155/05) VAT: Common system
142.(8156/05) Building the ERA of Knowledge for Growth
143.(8205/05) Response to Terrorism
144.(8257/05) International Convention on the Harmonisation of Frontier Controls of Goods
145.(8258/05) Total Allowable Catches
146.(8323/05) European Union Solidarity Fund
147.(8430/05, 8436/05) Civil Protection Mechanism
148.(8482/05) Air Services Agreement with Croatia
149.(8571/05) Preliminary Draft Amending Budgets
150.(8630/05) Avian Influenza
151.(8633/05, 8634/05, 8636/05, 8637/05, 8638/05, 8639/05, 8641/05, 8642/05)Restrictions on GM Maize and GM Oilseed Rape
152.(8635/05) GM Maize Product
153.(8670/05) Air Services Agreement with Bulgaria
154.(8689/05) European Programme for Action to Confront HIV/Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis through External Action
155.(8690/05) Framework Programme on Solidarity and the Management of Migration Flows 2007-2013
156.(8704/05) Cotonou Agreement
157.(8823/05) Financial Services Policy 2005-2010
158.(8922/05) The Hague Programme: Partnership for European Renewal in the field of Freedom, Security and Justice
159.(9000/05) Preliminary Draft Amending Budgets
160.(9032/05) European Space Policy
161.(9125/05) Reduced rates of VAT
162.(9198/05) Husked Rice
163.(9411/05) Digital Broadcasting
164.(9466/05) Marketing Standards for Eggs
165.(9507/05) Sustainable Development
166.(9508/05) Language Policy
167.(9513/05) Mutual recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters
168.(9592/05) Universal Service
169.(9620/05) European Capital of Culture 2007-2019
170.(9698/05) Advance Passenger Information (API)/Passenger Name Records (PNR)
171.(9758/05) 'i2010 - A European Information Society for Growth and Employment'
172.(9883/05) European Year of Equal Opportunities for all 2007 - Towards a Just Society
173.(9884/05) Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunities for All
174.(9942/05, 9943/05, 9944/05) Schengen Information System
175.(9997/05) Developing a Strategic Concept on Tackling Organised Crime
176.(10010/05) Trans-Euro Energy Networks
177.(10013/05) Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: An Action Plan for Europe, 2005-2009
178.(10083/05) State Aid Reform 2005-2009
179.(10120/05) Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice
180.(10185/05) European Security and Defence College
181.(10326/05) Roadmap to an Integrated Control Framework
182.(10514/05, 10598/05) Reform of the EU Sugar Regime
183.(10684/05) Cohesion Policy in support of Growth and Jobs: Community Strategic Guidelines, 2007-2013
184.(10774/05) Fundamental Rights Agency
185.(10785/05) GM Maize
186.(10822/05) Eco-labelling Schemes for Fisheries Products
187.(10880/05) Procedural Rights during Criminal Proceedings throughout the European Union
188.(10894/05) End-of-Life Vehicles
189.(11067/05) Passenger Car Related Taxes
190.(11110/05) Tariff Quota for Imports of Soluble Coffee
191.(11131/05) Service of Judicial and Extrajudicial documents in Civil or Commercial matters
192.(11189/05) European Qualifications Framework for Life-long learning
193.(11190/05) EU Framework for Investment Funds
194.(11245/05) Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and Strengthening the Criminal Law Framework to Combat Intellectual Property Offences
195.(11407/05) Schengen Agreement: Improvement of Police Co-operation between Member States at the Internal Border
196.(11413/05) European Union Development Policy
197.(11439/05) Supply of Services
198.(11500/05) Mortgage Credit in the EU
199.(11508/05) Public Transport Services by Rail and Road
200.(11549/05) Information on the Payer accompanying Transfers of Funds
201.(11614/05) Illegal Immigration: Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism of the Third Countries
202.(11618/05) Growth and Employment - The Community Lisbon Programme
203.(11641/05) Trade in Services other than Transport
204.(11691/05) Cotonou Agreement - Consultations between the EU and Haiti
205.(11704/05) European Indicator of Language Competence
206.(11734/05) Future Financial Perspectives 2007-2013
207.(11825/05) Noise Emission in the Environment - "Noise Directive"
208.(11834/05) Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Legislation
209.(11928/05) GM Roundmap Ready Maize Line GA21
210.(11929/05) Measures to Ensure greater Security in Explosives, Detonators, Bomb-Making Equipment and Firearms
211.(11949/04, 13691/05) Employment and Social Solidarity - PROGRESS
212.(11976/05) Preliminary Draft Amending Budget No 7 to the General Budget for 2005
213.(11989/05) Regional Protection Programmes
214.(12120/05) A Common Agenda for Integration
215.(12127/05, 12135/05, 12136/05)Novel Foods or Novel Food Ingredients
216.(12143/05) Drugs and Drug Addiction
217.(12197/05) GM Maize Line MON 863
218.(12249/05) Tariff Rates for Bananas
219.(12383/05) eSafety Communication
220.(12393/05) Spectrum Management
221.(12467/05) Proceeds from Crime and the Financing of Terrorism
222.(12588/05) Civil Aviation Security
223.(12639/05) European Quality Charter for Mobility
224.(12660/05, 12671/05) Retention of Telecommunications Data
225.(12695/05) State Aid for Innovation
226.(12727/05, 12729/05, 12730/05, 12731/05, 12736/05)Seventh Framework Programme 2007-2013 of the European Community for research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities: 'Co-operation', 'Ideas', 'People', 'Capacities'
227.(12732/05, 12734/05) EURATOM: Seventh Framework Programme 2007-2011 for Nuclear Research and Training Activities
228.(12735/05) Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution
229.(12773/05) Terrorist Recruitment: Addressing the Factors contributing to violent radicalisation
230.(12790/05) Reducing the Climate Change Impact of Aviation
231.(12805/05) Evaluation of Community Activities 2002-2003 in favour of Consumers
232.(12817/05) EU Spectrum Policy Priorities for the Digital Switchover
233.(12921/05) Verification of Agri-Environment Expenditure
234.(12981/05) i2010: Digital Libraries
235.(13019/05) Protection of Personal Data Processed in the Framework of Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters
236.(13056/05) European Contract Law
237.(13042/05) Genetically Modified Maize
238.(13094/05) European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
239.(13095/05) Preliminary Draft Amending Budget No 8 to the General Budget for 2005
240.(13143/05) Lisbon Programme: Strengthening EU Manufacturing
241.(13193/05)Agreements for Consumers
242.(13371/04, 9841/05) European Pollutant Release
243.(13384/05) A Strategy on the External Dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
244.(13413/05) Exchange of Information under the Principle of Availability
245.(13442/05) Mental Health Strategy for the European Union
246.(13506/04, 7140/05) European Police College (CEPOL)
247.(13521/05) EU-Palestine: Co-operation beyond disengagement - towards a Two State solution
248.(13686/05) Supplementary Pension Rights
249.(13809/05) Tenth Anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
250.(14031/05) Cotonou Agreement: Opening of Consultations with Mauritania
251.(14351/05) National Identity Cards
252.(14425/05) Genetically Modified Maize
253.(14443/05) Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES): From Concept to Reality
254.(14643/05) EU Border Assistance Mission for the RAFAH Crossing Point, EUBAM, Rafah
255.(14781/05) European Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment to Terrorism
256.  (14920/05) Fishery Quota 2006

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