Select Committee on London Local Authorities Bill Minutes of Evidence

Evidence Session (Sections 4500-4511)


28 MARCH 2006

 4500. CHAIRMAN: Thank you very much, Ms Gillatt, for hurrying back to join us, we appreciated that.

 4501. I think we have reached the point of final submissions. Are you going to begin, Mr Jones, or are you going to do a double act?

 4502. MR JONES: My Lord Chairman, I understood the Committee was sitting until four today.

 4503. CHAIRMAN: You are entirely right, we did say we were going to sit until four today. Is it inconvenient to you that we begin submissions now? Because, if it is, and I did say four, then we will stop now.

 4504. MR JONES: It is. I would prefer also that we give our closing submissions together if there is to be a break so that I hope I would be able to make my closing submissions somewhat punchier if I could have a little bit of extra time to put some of the interesting evidence that we have heard this afternoon.

 4505. CHAIRMAN: In the circumstances I think we have little choice but to accept what you say and hope very much that the punch will be there on Thursday morning. We are unable to sit tomorrow for various reasons, as we have already indicated. We therefore will meet again on Thursday morning. I had imagined that we would be deliberating by then and therefore I have only shared this thought with members of the Committee. I would like to suggest that it might be convenient were we to start at 10 o'clock on Thursday, if that would suit everybody. In which case may I suggest we re-convene on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock when we will hear submissions from counsel for both the Petitioners and for the Promoters and the Committee will deliberate thereafter.

 4506. MR ASPREY: My Lord Chairman, I wonder if I might make a gentle enquiry as to when you expect to give your decision on the various sections?

 4507. CHAIRMAN: I believe that we shall be in a position to give our decisions very shortly thereafter and if I may very respectfully say to all counsel that the sooner we are able to get to deliberate the quicker we shall be. In all seriousness, Mr Asprey, we are well down the line, as you know we have already deliberated as we have gone through the process, so really all we have left to deliberate on of any substance is this clause.

 4508. MR ASPREY: Really my question was are you intending to deliver a decision on Thursday?

 4509. CHAIRMAN: I think we are very much hoping to do that so I hope you will be able to stay with us.

 4510. MR ASPREY: Thank you.

 4511. CHAIRMAN: 10 o'clock on Thursday morning. Thank you very much everybody.

Adjourned until 10 o'clock on Thursday, 30 March 2006.

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