Select Committee on Science and Technology Fourth Report


The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked with a * gave oral evidence:

  Academy of Medical Sciences
  Ambulance Services Association
*    Mr Philip Selwood
  Association of Chief Police Officers
*    Deputy Chief Constable Alan Goodwin
*Professor Sue Atkinson (Regional Director for Public Health for London)
  Dr Peter Bailey, Monkfield Medical Practice
  British Medical Association
*    Dr Richard Jarvis
  British Retail Consortium
*    Mr Kevin Hawkins
  British Veterinary Association
*    Dr Robert McCracken
  Chiron Vaccines
*    Dr Kevin Bryett
  Department of Health
*    Dr David Harper
*    Dr David Salisbury
*    Ms Rosie Winterton, MP
  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
*    Dr Louise Fresco
*    Dr Jan Slingenbergh
  Mr Alan Hay (World Influenza Centre)
  Health Protection Agency
*    Dr Nigel Lightfoot
*    Professor Pat Troop
*    Professor Maria Zambon
  Institute for Animal Health and the Roslin Institute
  Institute of Directors
*    Professor Jim Norton
  Intensive Care Society
*    Professor David Menon
  London Resilience Team
*    Mr Zyg Kowalczyk
  National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
*    Dr John Wood
  NHS Alliance
*    Mrs Jan Hutchinson
  NHS Direct
*    Ms Helen Young
  Royal College of General Practitioners
*    Dr Nigel Mathers
  Royal College of Nursing
*    Ms Lynne Young
  Research Councils UK
  Roche Products Ltd
*    Mr John Harrison
  Royal Society
  J Sainsbury plc
*    Mr Alan Lacey
  Dr R Salmon (Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, Wales)
  UK Vaccine Industry Group
*    Mr Richard Stubbins
  Wellcome Trust
  World Health Organization
*    Dr Klaus Stohr

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