Select Committee on Science and Technology Fourth Report


The risk

How is the risk of pandemic influenza emerging in south east Asia, and reaching the UK, being assessed; and how can this assessment be improved?

How great are the risks, and what confidence can be placed in these figures?

How is the UK working with international bodies to:

  • Monitor the development of the virus;
  • Reduce the risk of pandemic influenza emerging and spreading?

Contingency planning in the UK

What is the current assessment of the likely impact of pandemic influenza on the UK (both in terms of health and on wider society, including the economy)?

Are the measures described in the revised UK Influenza Pandemic Contingency Plan adequate to minimise the effects of a pandemic? What more could be done?

How well prepared and co-ordinated are health, emergency and other essential services for responding to a pandemic?

What is being done to ensure that the general public are aware of the risks and likely effects of a pandemic, and of how they should react?

Is the UK's stockpile of antiviral treatments adequate, and how will it be distributed? What steps are being taken to ensure that the UK has access to sufficient antiviral treatment and vaccine in the event of a flu pandemic?

What will be the role of vaccine development, manufacture and distribution in responding to a pandemic?

What is the long-term strategy for reducing the threat of pandemic influenza?

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