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House of Lords Bill [HL]



Clause 1



Page 1, line 8, at end insert "unless he has reason to believe that the person concerned is not a fit and proper person to be recommended to the Crown for reasons of national security; of the residential, legal or tax status of the individual (that have not been disclosed to the Commission); or for any other reason that seems to him to be appropriate."
Page 1, line 8, at end insert "unless he has reason to suspect that any member of the Commission—
(a)  has been subject to influence to make or support a recommendation which a reasonable person might consider would influence his judgment; or
(b)  is a relative or friend of a person recommended and such interest has not been declared to the Prime Minister at the time of recommendation;
  or a person recommended is a serving or former member of the Commission, who is not already a member of the House of Lords"
Page 1, line 8, at end insert "except in the case of former—
(a)  Lords of Appeal in Ordinary or Justices of the Supreme Court;
(b)  Archbishops of Canterbury;
(c)  Archbishops of York;
(d)  Chiefs of the Defence Staff;
(e)  Speakers of the House of Commons;
(f)  Prime Ministers;
(g)  holders of the offices of Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer or Home Secretary,
  who may be recommended to the Crown by the Prime Minister for a life or hereditary peerage if they are not nominated by the Commission on their retirement"

Clause 12



Page 4, line 27, at end insert "and shall not be eligible for nomination under section 4"

Clause 13



Page 5, line 2, after "shall" insert "not"

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27 July 2007