Select Committee on European Union Twenty-Second Report


Recent Reports from the Select Committee


Session 2006-07


Evidence from the Minister for Europe on the Outcome of the December European Council (4th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 31)

Government Responses: Session 2004-05 (6th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 38)

The Commission's 2007 Legislative and Work Programme (7th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 42)

Evidence from the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany on the German Presidency (10th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 56)


Recent Reports prepared by Sub-Committee G (Social Policy and Consumer Affairs)


"Improving the mental health of the population": can the European Union help? (14th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 73)

Proposal to Establish the European Institute of Technology: Interim Report (13th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 69)

Cross Border Health Services in the European Union (8th Report, Session 2006-07, HL Paper 48)

Proposed European Institute for Gender Equality: Supplementary Report (51st Report, Session 2005-06, HL Paper 271)

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