Select Committee on European Union Twenty-Sixth Report


CFSPCommon Foreign and Security Policy
DOPDeclaration of Principles
ECEuropean Community
ENPEuropean Neighbourhood Policy
ESDPEuropean Security and Defence Policy
EUEuropean Union
EUBAM Rafah European Union Border Assistance Mission, Rafah
EUPOL COPPSEuropean Union Coordination Office for Palestinian Police Support
EUSREuropean Union Special Representative
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
FEMIPFacility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership
GAERCGeneral Affairs and External Relations Council
HRHigh Representative
IDFIsraeli Defence Forces
MEPPMiddle East Peace Process
NUGNational Unity Government
PAPalestinian Authority
PLCPalestinian Legislative Council
PLOPalestine Liberation Organisation
PNAPalestinian National Authority
QUARTETGroup of UN, US, Russia, EU
TIMTemporary International Mechanism
UNUnited Nations
UNRWAUnited Nations Relief and Works Agency

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