Select Committee on European Union Fortieth Report


Letter from Lord Drayson, Minister for Defence Procurement, Ministry of Defence to the Chairman

  I hope the Committee found my evidence session on 19 January useful. I thought it a helpful opportunity to build on the excellent working relationship that is developing between your Committee and the MOD. During the evidence session I agreed to pass on to the committee the key for member states' contribution to the EDA budget and information concerning all the projects that the EDA is currently engaged.

  I have enclosed at annex the key showing member states' contribution to the EDA's budget in 2006 (not printed). As you can see the UK contribution for the 2006 calendar year will be €3,778,052 which equates to 17.57% of member states' contributions. For comparison, in calendar year 2005 the figure was €3,596,803 which equated to 18.07% of member states' contributions. I would envisage that the UK percentage contribution may be reduced slightly following enlargement. However, I am not able to provide you with more details as contributions are re-calculated at the beginning of each year on the basis of each member state's gross national income.

  In respect of the other information that was requested regarding the EDA's work programme, we are today seeking additional information from the EDA in order to provide you with the fullest information. We are still awaiting this but as soon as it arrives I will write again.

4 February 2006

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