Select Committee on European Union Fortieth Report


Letter from the Chairman to Ben Bradshaw MP, Minister for Local Environment, Marine and Animal Welfare, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  Thank you for your letter of 19 December 2005[74] in advance of the December Fisheries and Agriculture Council. Sub Committee D (Environment and Agriculture) considered your letter at its meeting on 18 January.

  We very much appreciate the efforts which you have made to aid the Committee in their scrutiny of EU fisheries legislation. The Committee found your evidence to us on 7 December particularly helpful in advance of the Council. It is still regrettable however that the proposal 14919/05 regarding fishing TACs and quotas for the Baltic was not deposited before the Council, resulting in a scrutiny override.

  You know that we are particularly keen to increase the time available for the consideration of fisheries proposals before each December Council in order to avoid overrides in the future. We commend the United Kingdom Presidency's action in making proposals to the Commission to change how the decision-making process works. What representations have you made to the Austrian Presidency regarding implementation of the revised timetable in 2006? We would be pleased to be informed of the Commission's response to the United Kingdom's proposal.

19 January 2006

74   Correspondence with Ministers, 45th Report of Session 2005-06, HL Paper 243, pp 317-321. Back

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