Select Committee on European Union Fortieth Report


Letter from Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions, Department of Trade and Industry to the Chairman

  It has been brought to my attention that the Explanatory Memorandum on the Commission's Communication "Challenges for the European Information Society beyond 2005" (15177/04), (which was submitted to the Lords Committee on 12 January 2005) remains under scrutiny.

  In your letter dated 26 January 2005[36] concerning this EM, you said that "We look forward to reviewing the Commission proposal for the 2006-2010 eEurope Action Plan in due course. In the meantime we maintain the scrutiny on this document".

  On 1 June 2005, the Commission published their Communication "i2010—A European Information Society for growth and employment" (9758/05). This Communication further expanded on the intentions of the Commission to take forward EU ICT policy from 2006 to 2010 and was the successor to the original Communication on "Challenges for the European Information Society beyond 2005".

  I submitted EM 9758/05 on this second Communication on 20 June 2005. We then exchanged several letters on this EM and in your last letter dated 15 November 2005,[37] you agreed to lift scrutiny.

  In light of the fact that you have lifted scrutiny on the second of these two EMs, I would be most grateful if you would also lift the scrutiny that remains on its predecessor EM 15177/04. I believe EM 9758/05 and our subsequent letters address all the concerns that you raised in your letter dated 26 January 05 to my colleague Mike O'Brien.

27 February 2006

Letter from the Chairman to Rt Hon Alun Michael MP

  Thank you for your letter of 27 February 2006 which Sub-Committee B considered at its meeting on 6 March 2006.

  I confirm that Sub-Committee B are now content to lift scrutiny from this document because, as you point out in your letter, your Explanatory Memorandum 9758/05 and the subsequent correspondence address the concerns that we had raised on document 15177/04.

8 March 2006

36   Correspondence with Ministers, 4th Report of Session 2005-06, HL Paper 16, p 64. Back

37   Correspondence with Ministers, 45th Report of Session 2005-06, HL Paper 243, pp 149-150. Back

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