Select Committee on European Union Ninth Report


Session 2005-06

Annual Report 2006, (46th Report, HL Paper 261)

Relevant Reports prepared by Sub-Committee F

Session 1997-1998

Incorporating the Schengen Acquis into the EU (31st Report, HL Paper 139)

Session 1998-1999

Schengen and UK border controls (7th Report, HL Paper 37)

Session 1999-2000

UK Participation in the Schengen Acquis (5th Report, HL Paper 34)

Session 2000-01

A Community Immigration Policy (13th Report, HL Paper 64)

Session 2001-02

A Common Policy on Illegal Immigration (37th Report, HL Paper 187)

Session 2004-05

After Madrid: the EU's response to terrorism (5th Report, HL Paper 53)

The Hague Programme: a five year agenda for EU justice and home affairs
(10th Report, HL Paper 84)

Session 2005-06

Economic Migration to the EU (14th Report, HL Paper 58)

Illegal Migrants: proposals for a common EU returns policy (32nd Report, HL Paper 166)

Behind Closed Doors: the meeting of the G6 Interior Ministers at Heiligendamm
(40th Report, HL Paper 221)

Session 2006-07

After Heiligendamm: doors ajar at Stratford-upon-Avon (5th Report, HL Paper 32)

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