Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Question 500)


24 JANUARY 2007

  Q500  Chairman: So all you really know is the Court, you say, when it came to function, functioned admirably, you had an extremely good hearing and you got an extremely favourable decision, but it all took far too long and you do not really know why, maybe because the Court was overloaded, maybe because they simply were not sufficiently alert to the need for and interest in getting fast decisions, and matters ought to be better than they were for you but you cannot really take it much further than that?

  Mr McMahon: Regrettably not, and therefore the rights of redress by means of having an incorrect decision turned over are somewhat illusory.

  Chairman: Yes. Unless any Member of the Committee has any other questions for you, or you have anything you wish to add to what you have told us, it remains for me to thank you very much indeed for coming along and giving us an insider's view. It has been very helpful. Thank you very much indeed.

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