Select Committee on Select Committee on the Bournemouth Borough Council Bill [HL]
and the Manchester City Council Bill [HL] First Special Report


The Lord Harrison

House of Lords



17 July 2007

Dear Lord Harrison

Bournemouth Borough Council Bill

I refer to the proceedings of the select committee on the above Bill and in particular to your closing remarks at the end of the second day.

In conformity with those remarks, I hereby undertake on behalf of the Bournemouth Borough Council that they will give particular attention to the training of officers who will be charged with the enforcement of -

a)  the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 as proposed to be altered by the Bournemouth Borough Council and

b)  the Bournemouth Borough Council Bill itself

so that genuine pedlars operating within the legislation are not prevented from carrying on their trade. Such training will ensure pedlars who decide to trade in any part of Bournemouth by calling door to door will be able to do so unimpeded.

Yours sincerely

Michael Edwards

Head of Public Protection

Bournemouth Borough Council

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