Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


The following witnesses gave evidence; those marked with an * gave oral evidence:

*  Professor Ross Anderson




*    Ms Sandra Quinn

*    Mr Colin Whittaker

  British Computer Society

  BT Group

  Mr Duncan Campbell

  Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

*    Mr Jim Gamble

    Ms Sharon Girling

  Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety

*    Mr John Carr

  Confederation of British Industry

*    Mr Jeremy Beale

*  Mr Alan Cox

  Department of Trade and Industry

*    Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP

*    Mr David Hendon

*    Mr Geoffrey Smith

  East Midlands Broadband Consortium


*    Mr Gareth Griffith

*    Mr Alasdair McGowan


  European Commission, Directorate-General for Information Society and   Media

*    Mr Achim Klabunde

*    Mr Andrea Servida

*    Mr Merijn Schik

*    Ms Margareta Traung

*    Ms Zinaida Yudina

*    Mr Anthony Bisch

*    Ms Valerie Gayraud

*    Mr Rogier Holla

*    Commissioner Viviane Reding

  Federation of Small Businesses

  Financial Services Authority

*    Mr Philip Robinson

*    Mr Rob Gruppetta

  Mr Mike Forster

  Professor Steven Furnell & Dr Andy Phippen

*  Professor Mark Handley

  Hewlett Packard

  Home Office

*    Mr Vernon Coaker MP

*    Mr Tim Wright

*    Mr Stephen Webb

  Mr Nick Hubbard

  Ilkley Computer Club

  Information Commissioner's Office

*     Mr Phil Jones

  Institute for the Management of Information Systems

  Institute of Information Security Professionals


  Internet Services Providers' Association

*    Ms Camille de Stempel

*    Mr Matthew Henton

*    Mr James Blessing

  Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association

*    Mr Kim Thesiger

*  Mr Adam Laurie

  Law Society

*    Mr Nicholas Bohm

  London Internet Exchange

*    Mr Malcolm Hutty

*    Mr John Souter


*    Mr Mark Sunner

*    Mr Paul Wood

  Metropolitan Police

*    Commander Sue Wilkinson


*    Mr Jerry Fishenden

*    Mr Matt Lambert

  National Computing Centre

  National Education Network


*    Mr Tim Suter

*    Mr Ben Willis

*    Mr Jeremy Olivier

  Office of Fair Trading

*    Mr Mike Haley

  Mr Paul O'Nolan

  Orange UK



*    Mr Michael Barrett

  Ready Technology

  Research Councils UK

  Royal Academy of Engineering

  Royal Bank of Scotland

*    Mr Matthew Pemble

*  Mr Bruce Schneier


  Serious Organised Crime Agency

*    Mr Bill Hughes

*    Ms Sharon Lemon

  Ms Margaret Smith

  Society for Computers and Law

*    Professor Ian Walden


*    Mr Roy Isbell

*    Mr Ilias Chantzos


  Mr Brian Tompsett


*    Dr Andrew Cormack


*    Ms Sandra Alzetta

*    Mr Robert Littas

  Mr Paul Winstone

*  Professor Jonathan Zittrain

The following evidence has not been printed but is available for inspection at the Parliamentary Archive (020 7219 5314):

  Mr Brian Catt


  Terence Grange, ACPO

  Institution of Engineering and Technology

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