Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


ACPO    Association of Chief Police Officers

APACS  Association for Payment Clearing Services

ARPANET  Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ATM    Automated Teller Machine

CD    Compact Disc

CMA    Computer Misuse Act 1990

BGP    Border Gateway Protocol

BSI    British Standards Institute

CEOP    Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

CERN  Central European Research Network

CITRIS  Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of       Society

CSO    Chief Security Officer

DDoS    Distributed Denial of Service

DG    Directorate General

DoS    Denial of Service

DTI    Department ofTrade and Industry

EFF    Electronic Frontier Foundation

EURIM  European Information Society Group

FBI    Federal Bureau of Investigation

FIPR    Foundation for Information Policy and Research

FSA    Financial Services Authority

FTC    Federal Trade Commission

IC3    Internet Crime Complaint Center

ICO    Information Commissioner's Office

ICT    Information and Communication Technologies

IP    Internet Protocol

IRC    Internet Relay Chat

ISP    Internet Service Provider

ISPA    Internet Service Providers' Association

IT    Information Technology

ITSPA  Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association

IWF    Internet Watch Foundation

JANET  Joint Academic NETwork

LINX    London Internet Exchange

LTSS    Local Trading Standards Services

MPS    Metropolitan Police Service

MSN    Microsoft Network

MSRT  Malicious Software Removal Tool

NEN    National Education Network

NHTCU  National High Tech Crime Unit

OFT    Office of Fair Trading

PATS    Publicly Available Telephone Service

PC    Personal Computer

PGP    Pretty Good Privacy

QCA    Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

RCFL    Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory

RCUK  Research Councils UK

RFID    Radio Frequency Identification

SCL    Society for Computers and Law

SMS    Short Message Service

SOCA    Serious Organised Crime Agency

Tb    Terabyte (1012 bytes)

URI    Uniform Resource Identifier

URL    Uniform Resource Locator

VoIP    Voice over Internet Protocol

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