Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by Mr Jim Gamble

  The Committee have offered me the opportunity to provide supplementary evidence in light of a recent communication to the chairman in relation to the case of R v Grout, where you state my evidence has been challenged. In response, the statement I gave to the Select Committee of Science and Technpology on 10 January 2007, is and remains to my knowledge, a true and factual one.

  I am not prepared to highlight specific issues that would disclose sensitive and personal information into the public domain, however there is a need to reinforce the point that individuals can and do perpetuate a view, whilst being selective of the facts and without producing significant evidence. I request you forward us any evidence you may have in your possession or the letter you have received to better inform our process.

  You have requested information about the use of the charge of Incitement and what I regard as a sufficient factual and evidential basis for such a charge. This matter does relate to the investigation and prosecution of online child abuse cases and as you have stated, this is not the primary focus of the inquiry, all charging decisions and formulation of charges is a matter for the Crown Prosecution Service in accordance with their guidelines and policy.

  However, given the sensitivities around this matter, I feel it would be useful to invite the Chairman to a Confidential meeting to provide him with a further briefing.

23 March 2007

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