Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 380-380)

Dr Mark Levy, Dr Susan Leech, Dr William Egner and Dr Pamela Ewan

17 JANUARY 2007

  Q380  Chairman: I just wondered, to wind up, if I could ask each of you if you in turn could identify what you think is the single most important issue to address to drive up, and improve, allergy education and thereby also help the service needs.

  Dr Ewan: I would like to see more funded training posts in allergy.

  Dr Egner: I would like to see that, but first I would like to see standards, a network, and models of care in place as well.

  Dr Leech: I would like to see many ways of increasing allergy awareness for the people who are responsible for delivering care to the patients who are, in our service, general paediatricians and general practitioners as well. I think that needs a bottom-up and a top-down approach.

  Dr Levy: I think including allergy or aspects of allergy in a quality outcomes framework would be key.

  Chairman: Thank you very much. Could I thank you all for coming for this session and for having helped us explore these difficult issues. If there are things which come to mind when you leave here, please do submit them in writing to us and they will supplement the evidence we have had from you today. You will be sent a copy of the transcript for you to look at and correct for accuracy in case anything has been taken down inaccurately. I believe, Dr Ewan, we will have the pleasure of coming to see your unit, so there may be other aspects which you would like to share with us then. May I finish by thanking you very much indeed for being here today.

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