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Local bus services

Quality partnership and quality contracts schemes

The Bill

Local transport functions

The Bill

Local charging schemes

The Bill




Table 1: Clauses which affect the existing powers of, or confer new powers on, the Welsh Ministers

Table 2: Measures which have different effect in Wales, as compared to England (outside London)



Table 3: Measures which have application in London


Clause 2: Traffic commissioners

Clause 3: The senior traffic commissioner

Clause 4: Amendments of Schedule 2 to the PPVA 1981

Clause 5: Transitional provision for existing traffic commissioners etc

Clause 6: Consequential amendments

Part 2: Transport policies

Clause 8: Nature of duty to develop transport policies

Clause 9: Local transport plans

Clause 10: Bus strategies no longer required

Clause 11: Development of policies by ITA no longer joint duty with district councils

Part 3: Bus Services

Clause 12: Quality partnership schemes

Clauses 14 to 16: Provisions relating to phased implementation of schemes

Clause 17: Regulations about schemes which specify frequencies, timings or fares

Clauses 18 to 39: Quality contracts schemes

Clause 18: Quality contracts schemes

Clause 19: Notice and consultation requirements

Clause 20: Approval of proposed scheme

Clause 21: Approvals boards for England

Clause 23: Inquiries by approvals boards for England

Clause 24: Appeals relating to applications for approval: areas in England

Clause 25: Making of scheme

Clause 27: Effect of scheme: different operational dates and excepted services

Clause 28: Extension of maximum period of quality contracts

Clause 29: Continuation of scheme for further period

Clause 30: Approval of continuation of scheme

Clause 32: Appeals relating to continuation of scheme

Clause 33: Variation or revocation of scheme

Clause 35: Regulations about schemes

Clause 36: Power to make transitional provision about schemes

Clause 37: Guidance about quality contracts schemes

Clause 38: Quality contracts: application of TUPE

Clause 39: Power to make traffic regulation orders

Clause 40: Competition scrutiny of functions and agreements relating to buses

Part 4: General provisions relating to passenger transport

Clauses 42 to 45: Registration of local services

Clause 42: Determination of applications for registration where restrictions in force

Clause 45: Transport Tribunal to decide appeals against traffic regulation conditions

Clause 46: Use of private hire vehicles to provide local services

Clause 47: Application of certain provisions about taxis and hire cars to London

Clauses 48 to 52: Vehicles used under permits

Clauses 48 and 49: Permits in relation to use of vehicles by educational and other bodies

Clause 50: Relaxation of rules relating to community bus services

Clause 51: Power to limit permits under section 19 or 22 of TA 1985 to 5 years

Clause 52: Traffic commissioners to keep records about such permits

Clauses 53 to 56: Services not operated as registered etc.

Clause 53: Attachment of conditions to related licences

Clause 54: Powers of traffic commissioners where services not operated as registered

Clause 55: Additional sanctions for failures by bus operators

Clause 56: Operational data

Clause 57: Revival of certain powers of PTEs

Clause 58: Subsidy to secure passenger transport services in integrated transport areas

Clause 59: Subsidy to secure passenger transport services in other areas

Clause 60: Subsidy to secure passenger transport services in Wales

Clause 61: Extension of maximum length of subsidised services agreements

Clause 62: Removal of certain disabilities and requirements for consent

Clause 63: The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee: remuneration

Clause 64: The Public Transport Users' Committee for England

Clause 65: Power to confer non-rail functions on the Rail Passengers' Council

Part 5: Integrated Transport Authorities etc.

Clause 66: Change of name of passenger transport areas and PTAs

Clause 67: Power to establish a new ITA

Clause 68: Authorities' review: new ITA

Clause 69: Secretary of State's power to direct a review: new ITA

Clause 70: Authorities' review of arrangements

Clause 71: Secretary of State's power to direct a review of arrangements

Clause 72: Constitutional arrangements

Clause 73: Delegation of functions of the Secretary of State

Clause 74: Delegation of local authority functions

Clause 75: Conferral of a power to direct

Clause 76: Contravention of an order under clause 75

Clause 77: Changing the boundaries of an integrated transport area

Clause 78: Dissolution of an integrated transport area

Clause 79: Orders under clauses 72 to 78

Clause 80: Incidental etc. provision

Clause 81: Procedure for orders under this Chapter

Clause 82: Further provision about directions

Clause 83: Guidance

Clause 84: Change of name of ITA

Clause 85: Amendment of power to reorganise functions

Clause 86: Power to promote well-being

Clause 87: Limits on power to promote well-being

Clause 88: Power to amend or repeal enactments

Clause 89: Procedure for orders under clause 88

Part 6: Local and London charging schemes

Clause 91: Local charging schemes to implement policies of ITAs

Clause 92: Joint local charging schemes to implement policies of ITAs

Clause 93: Joint local-ITA charging schemes

Clause 94: Joint local-London charging schemes to implement policies of ITAs

Clause 95: Joint ITA-London charging schemes

Clause 96: Consequential amendments

Clause 97: Abolition of requirement for confirmation of English schemes

Clause 98: Abolition of power to require consultation or inquiries for English schemes

Clause 99: Charges

Clause 100: Supplementary provision as to charging schemes

Clause 101: Suspension of charging schemes

Clause 102: Interference with functioning of equipment

Clause 103: Use of equipment for charging schemes

Clause 104: Power of national authority to require information from charging authorities

Clause 105: Information: England and Wales

Clause 106: Information: Scotland

Clause 107: London charging schemes: 10 year plan for share

Clause 108: Other amendments relating to schemes under Part 3 of TA 2000

Part 7: Miscellaneous provisions

Clause 109: Powers of the National Assembly for Wales

Clause 110: Information

Clause 111: Vehicles used without operator's licence: power to return detained vehicles

Clause 112: Disclosure of information relating to foreign-registered vehicles

Clause 113: Use of information relating to foreign-registered vehicles




Quality Contracts Schemes

Detention of certain vehicles used without a licence




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