Select Committee on Communications Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 2017 - 2019)


Mr Andrew Harrison, Mr Mark Story and Mr Daniel Bruce

  Q2017  Chairman: Welcome. Thank you very much indeed for coming. We are looking at consolidation inside the media industry and what impacts that is having in the broadest possible way. Could you just tell us how many local commercial stations there are and how many of those are represented by RadioCentre?

  Mr Harrison: There are 320 commercial radio stations and the overwhelming majority are represented by RadioCentre. There are a couple of small independent stations that are not represented, but the vast majority are represented by RadioCentre.

  Q2018  Chairman: The smaller or privately owned stations, how many of those are there?

  Mr Harrison: A handful, probably 15 or 20.

  Q2019  Chairman: Would they necessarily take your view on these things?

  Mr Harrison: Broadly speaking, I think they would tend to take our view. They are very small stations and so I guess paying the subscription is not high on their priorities.

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