Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 4960 - 4979)

  4960. CHAIRMAN: If you believe everything you see in the press or on television it is very foolish of you.

  4961. MS JORDAN: Well, I do not, and that is why I am here.

  4962. CHAIRMAN: There were opportunities, for instance, yesterday when some of the members of the various groups could have asked questions on technical subjects. They did not turn up—

  4963. MS JORDAN: Well, I am terribly sorry about that.

  4964. CHAIRMAN:— although they had notice that this was going to happen. If you want us to do anything about this I must say that you will have to get the message round that people will have to come.

  4965. MS JORDAN: Can I just say that had I not been here this morning we would have had no idea that Mr Berryman was presenting this today.

  4966. CHAIRMAN: Ms Jordan, it simply is not true. It is scheduled.

  4967. MS JORDAN: I was here all day yesterday.

  4968. CHAIRMAN: Do you never look at the transcript?

  4969. MS JORDAN: I was here all day yesterday. I tell you that in less—

  4970. CHAIRMAN: Well, in that case you will have heard it said.

  4971. MS JORDAN: When, my Lord?

  4972. CHAIRMAN: It is in the transcript. It was Monday. Were you here on Monday?

  4973. MS JORDAN: I was not here on Monday.

  4974. CHAIRMAN: Was anybody here Monday?

  4975. MS JORDAN: I was not here Monday, no.

  4976. CHAIRMAN: Do you know if anybody was here Monday?

  4977. MS JORDAN: A member of my Committee was here Monday, yes.

  4978. CHAIRMAN: Well, what happened yesterday was forecast in this room on Monday and evidently nobody passed the message on.

  4979. MS JORDAN: I understand that on Monday there was an announcement that Khoodeelaar! would be here on Wednesday afternoon and that was the message I got.

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