Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5231 - 5239)

Ordered: that Counsel and Parties be called in.

  5231. CHAIRMAN: Good afternoon everybody. Kempton Court Residents' Committee, are you here?

The Petition of Kempton Court Residents' Committee

  5232. MS LIEVEN: Ms Singleton represents them.

  5233. CHAIRMAN: Ready to go? Good. The arrangements that we have had so far are that although technically Petitioners are allowed to start, it is sometimes convenient for the Promoters to say a few factual words about the Petition. Then it is for you and your witnesses and if the Promoters want to call their own witnesses, you can ask some questions. They have an opportunity to make submissions and you have got the final word. All right?

  5234. MS SINGLETON: Yes.

  5235. CHAIRMAN: Yes Ms Lieven?

  5236. MS LIEVEN: Thank you, my Lord. I am handling this Petition this afternoon. Ms Singleton appeared on behalf of the Kempton Court Residents' Association twice in fact in front of the House of Commons so she is reasonably familiar with the format.

  5237. If I can just start by introducing the matter factually—and can we have Exhibit 1 up, please—Kempton Court is the large block of flats just to the east of Whitechapel Station, so if the Committee think back to the site visit, this is Whitechapel Station (indicating) over the District Line, running west to east, and the East London Line, running north to south, and Kempton Court is a block with a number of different elements that runs along here (indicating) and has a crescent block on the curve of the railway coming out of Whitechapel to the east.[1]

  5238. CHAIRMAN: Did our bus stop just past that rather taller building?

  5239. MS LIEVEN: The bus, as I recall, stopped down here (indicating) near the bus station and we walked back, I think, a little distance down Durward Street, which is the street here. This building to the north is Swanlea School and it is quite a narrow street called Durward Street here. The Committee may remember we stopped next to the Fulbourne Street Bridge, which is just here (indicating), which is where Lord Brooke became interested particularly in Fulbourne Street there.

1   Crossrail Ref: P40, Whitechapel Station-Aerial view (TOWHLB-8_04-001) Back

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