Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5320 - 5339)

  5320. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: But they would be uninterruptedly continuing on the Whitechapel Road, would they not?

   (Mr Walters) That is correct.

  5321. They are not coming off the side roads where the congestion is going to occur?

   (Mr Walters) They generally use the Transport for London route network, that is right, to deliver to Sainsburys.

  5322. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: Their position might be worsened by the traffic coming in and this is why you need careful control of the flow of traffic into it, because otherwise you are going to have the fact of lorries going straight into it from there. It will not need many trucks to start a huge tailback.

  5323. MS LIEVEN: Mr Walters, is there any reason to believe that there would be any material number of lorries coming down Vallance Road other than our lorries? There are obviously going to be a lot of lorries on Whitechapel Road going to and fro on various business, but are there any other sites up Vallance Road that you would expect to be generating large amounts of HGVs?

   (Mr Walters) I am afraid I am not aware of that. It is a B road and I think, again, if there was a site local to that road it would generate lorries, but generally lorries stick to the Transport for London route network to get to and from the sites, which in this case is the A11.

  5324. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH : Mr Walters, is it completely impracticable to forbid any of the traffic to turn left out of Hanbury Street but force it all to go right to avoid this convergence?

   (Mr Walters) Can we put the other plan up?

  5325. MS LIEVEN: Yes, can we put the plan up because I am not entirely sure?[12]

  5326. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH : It sounds too simple a solution so probably it does not work but I just wondered if it could.

   (Mr Walters) To turn back out into Hanbury Street, my Lord?

  5327. Yes. I am trying to keep the two flows apart so that Hanbury Street has to look after itself and Vallance Street looks after itself and ne'er the twain shall meet.

   (Mr Walters) Certainly with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets that is the circulation that they were very keen for us to adopt at Hanbury Street. It will be worth going back and talking to them about this particular point at Durward Street.

  5328. MS LIEVEN: Did Tower Hamlets want vehicles to come out of Hanbury Street and then go back down Greatorex Street?

   (Mr Walters) They did not.

  5329. Going back to the Kempton Court plan, number 9, in terms of the concerns about the school and whether or not half an hour at the beginning and end of the day is sufficient, have we had discussions with the school about this?[13]

  (Mr Walters) We have had discussions with Tower Hamlets, who I believe in turn have had discussions with all the schools, and we have had individual meetings with a number of schools, and probably the most meetings in this area with Swanley School because it has been so directly affected.

  5330. I think that Swanlea School appeared in the House of Commons, is that right? Do you recall that?

   (Mr Walters) I am afraid I do not.

  5331. I will lead you on that then: they did. Have they petitioned in the House of Lords?

   (Mr Walters) No, they have not.

  5332. And, so far as you are aware, are they content with the period of half an hour at the beginning and end of the day?

   (Mr Walters) Yes, so far as I am aware.

  5333. Are you aware as to whether or not there is a school liaison committee—I cannot remember if it is called that—by which schools in the area are talking to the project and agreeing matters of concern with us?

   (Mr Walters) That is right.

  5334. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH : My Lord Chairman, I do not wish to take too much of the Committee's time on this but I would like to register at this moment my concern that not enough contingency planning has gone into this particular point because, although I can see the common sense of what they have in an orderly, straightforward, flat playing field, I am concerned that all of this would be blown away by the first thing that goes wrong which was not predicted and that there is not enough contingency planning to cope with the unexpected.

  5335. CHAIRMAN: This is the traffic side?


  5337. MS LIEVEN: Mr Walters, can we just consider that for a moment? Obviously, unexpected things can happen on a project like this and the nature of an unexpected thing is that we cannot entirely predict it, but, given the size of the worksites here and the constraints in the area, is there any realistic prospect of a large number of vehicles over the absolutely worst case of the 76 being generated out of these sites? Can you get that many more lorries in there, is, I suppose, the critical question?
  (Mr Walters) The sites, as you say, are very constrained. They already have concrete plants, they have cranes, they have small areas for stockpiling material in case there is a hiccup in the lorries travelling to and from the site, so realistically we would not be able to hold a lot of lorries here and my Lords heard about Burdett Road last week as being a lorry holding area really for the whole of the Whitechapel area and that we would seek to control them from there. We do not have the room on the sites to do that.[14]

  5338. CHAIRMAN: Have you got another lorry holding area other than Burdett Street?

   (Mr Walters) Further west, my Lord, but not really for this area, more into the City.

  5339. Burdett Road is for Hanbury?

   (Mr Walters) It is for this area. It is for Stepney Green, Hanbury Road and Whitechapel.

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