Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 5540 - 5550)

  5540. CHAIRMAN: Brentwood?

  5541. MS LIEVEN: No. Brentwood, like Kensington & Chelsea, are supporting Havering, so they are not doing anything independently.

  5542. CHAIRMAN: We are not going to have car parking at Shenfield again?

  5543. MS LIEVEN: I sincerely hope not, my Lord, no, we are not.

  5544. CHAIRMAN: All right. I think the important point about these generic issues that are being dealt with by different councils, very sensibly, is that we ought to have something to go into our report about what is being done on these issues, so therefore we are very interested in a statement which can be incorporated into what we report to Parliament.

  5545. MS LIEVEN: My Lord, our understanding is that Havering is going to make a statement. We have not, I do not think, seen it yet.

  5546. CHAIRMAN: No, of course not.

  5547. MS LIEVEN: Sometimes people do give us these statements in advance. Whether or not we need to make any response will be dependent on what they say. I understand that Ms Jones will be coming.

  5548. CHAIRMAN: Oh, yes, she is coming and we will go on with the Spitalfields group. Is there anything else this afternoon?

  5549. MS LIEVEN: No, my Lord, I do not believe so.

  5550. CHAIRMAN: In that case we would like quickly to discuss Kempton Court, so could I ask you to leave us for a short time.

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