Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 6940 - 6959)

  6940. CHAIRMAN: In the same terms?

  6941. MR CAMERON: There were four options put before the House of Commons which included these two options. We had an additional option that we put forward, the effect of which would have been to have deemed that a resolution had been passed on the principle of extending the route to Ebbsfleet. We accept that that would have required an additional provision, it was not accepted but if it had been it would have required an additional provision, and therefore we do not promote it before this House because of—

  6942. CHAIRMAN: Very sensibly because we cannot do it.

  6943. MR CAMERON: My Lord, yes.

  6944. CHAIRMAN: I wonder where it is in the Green Book. Do you know, Ms Lieven?

  6945. MS LIEVEN: My Lord, this matter was considered on 16 May 2006, Day 32.

  6946. CHAIRMAN: That may be so but we have not got the House of Commons transcripts. I am looking at the Green Book.

  6947. MR CAMERON: My Lord, I do not know whether I can assist? If the Green Book is the Special Report of the Committee, despite troubling the Committee for a day, we did not get a mention in the Report, which is why we have come back.

  6948. CHAIRMAN: That is why we cannot find it!

  6949. MS LIEVEN: My Lord, I do not know whether the Committee has this but Volume 3 of the Green Books is the transcripts.

  6950. CHAIRMAN: We may have it but we have not looked at this point because we did not know Bexley was coming on today.

  6951. MS LIEVEN: Of course not, my Lord. I will find the page reference in the next few minutes.

  6952. MR CAMERON: I do not know whether the page references are different but 801 is the evidence.

  6953. CHAIRMAN: Anyway, the House of Commons Select Committee came to no conclusion on it that they reported?

  6954. MR CAMERON: That is right, my Lord. They heard our evidence but said nothing about it, and that is why we are back before your lordships.

  6955. LORD YOUNG OF NORWOOD GREEN: Were you seeking exactly the same amendment, or were you seeking an additional provision?

  6956. MR CAMERON: We put forward four options and we have now cut it down to two because we cannot go for the other options because they would require an additional provision.

  6957. LORD YOUNG OF NORWOOD GREEN: At the time you went to the Commons you were seeking an additional provision?

  6958. MR CAMERON: Yes, and at that stage the Promoter made an objection on the basis that there had not been an environmental statement. That is not an objection this time round because there would have to be an environmental statement at the time that a proposal was put before both Houses for a resolution under the Transport and Works Act provisions, so we do not encounter that difficulty this time although we did have a solution to it.

  6959. CHAIRMAN: All right. Mr Donovan, please.


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