Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 7520 - 7527)

  7520. CHAIRMAN: Well, he is finished, but we have not finished with his Petition.

  7521. MS LIEVEN: My Lord, I was going to make a two-minute closing.

  7522. CHAIRMAN: I think we shall leave it until tomorrow.

  7523. MS LIEVEN: Can I just say, my Lord, as far as tomorrow's business is concerned, that we have Grand Central Studios who may well take up the majority, if not more than the majority, of the day.

  7524. CHAIRMAN: That is all right, so, if you are only going to intervene for two minutes on Mr Carrier, there will be plenty of time.

  7525. MS LIEVEN: Indeed, my Lord. I was just putting down a slight marker, that, in the Commons, Grand Central took two days. Mr Mould is covering that Petition and I hope it will be significantly shorter than that, but there may be some time pressure tomorrow, but we will see where we get to. I will ask Mr Anderson to come back tomorrow in case your Lordships have questions.

  7526. CHAIRMAN: I am sorry about that, but the way things have gone today, I do not think we can take it any further now. Well, Mr Carrier, we will see you again tomorrow, and thank you very much for your patience.

  7527. MR CARRIER: Thank you, my Lords.

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