Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 9180 - 9194)

  9180. MR TAYLOR: I have finished all my points, my Lord.

  9181. CHAIRMAN: So I think leave it, Lord Berkeley, until Thursday for your re-examination—

  9182. LORD BERKELEY: Thank you very much, Lord Chairman.

  9183. CHAIRMAN: -- because I do not know how long it is going on. This is not entirely crystal clear to me and I think some of my colleagues may have questions to ask as well, and it might be better to leave ourselves a little bit more time.

  9184. What we will do now is to adjourn until ten o'clock tomorrow morning, when we are having, I think, EWS?

  9185. MR ELVIN: We are having, as far as we are aware, and we have been trying to get updates without any great success, Network Rail, BAA and EWS. We do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, in all honesty. There are various discussions going on which may or may not bear fruit by tomorrow, but the various agents representing the Petitioners are unable to tell us at the moment. I hope that we can at least resolve some of the issues.

  9186. I have little idea other than what I have already indicated to your Lordships as to what Network Rail is going to say, other than they say they are going to take three hours to say it, so no doubt we will find out tomorrow.

  9187. Assuming there is time, your Lordships expressed some interest in the position at Heathrow and access to Heathrow, and I was going to recall Mr Berryman at some convenient point tomorrow—

  9188. CHAIRMAN: This is the westerly access?

  9189. MR ELVIN: Yes—to give your Lordships some more information about that.

  9190. CHAIRMAN: That would be very helpful.

  9191. MR ELVIN: In response to my Lord, Lord James' question last week about contingency planning and such matters, and Lady Fookes' question about security, there is a paper which is almost ready which we can let your Lordships have either tomorrow or Thursday and which we hope will give you more information on those issues.

  9192. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: I would like to remind you, Mr Elvin, that that request also included the criteria for any modelling on safety scenarios that you had used.

  9193. MR ELVIN: I will make sure that those producing it are aware of that.

  9194. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: Thank you.

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