Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 9900 - 9919)

  9900. MR ELVIN: Yes.

  9901. LORD YOUNG OF NORWOOD GREEN: I thought they had also allowed for future growth up to 2015 for EWS.

  9902. MR ELVIN: It is not for EWS; it is for the freight industry without the ORR saying, "I will necessarily allocate it", that is what 58 means.

  9903. LORD YOUNG OF NORWOOD GREEN: But it does mean that they have allowed for freight growth up to 2015.

  9904. MR ELVIN: Yes. It means that additional paths over and above those that exist at the moment have been allowed for and are factored into the change control mechanism, so if we conflict with some of those additional future growth paths the change control mechanism still bites and deletes our paths.

  9905. CHAIRMAN: The track access option only applies to Crossrail.

  9906. MR ELVIN: Yes.

  9907. CHAIRMAN: Not to any of the freight companies.

  9908. MR ELVIN: It cannot prejudge future applications by other train operating companies but it has provided a pot of capacity for freight should it be required.
  (Mr Smith) Or any other user.

  9909. It certainly cannot be Crossrail because we cannot conflict with that pot of extra capacity otherwise the change control mechanism says we lose a path. The other reason for looking at 2015, Mr Smith, and I think this really needs to be my last question, is of course one of the problems is without additional infrastructure it is difficult for the freight to grow beyond 2015. Infrastructure improvements are required in any event to allow for growth beyond 2015.
  (Mr Smith) It depends on the nature of the growth, the time of day and the type of train.

  9910. But broadly speaking?
  (Mr Smith) Broadly speaking.

  9911. MR ELVIN: Thank you very much.

  9912. BARONESS FOOKES: Mr Elvin, early on in your cross-examination—

  9913. MR ELVIN: Was that my cross-examination by the Committee or in front of the Committee!

  9914. BARONESS FOOKES: Of Mr Smith.

  9915. MR ELVIN: Thank you.

  9916. BARONESS FOOKES: You stopped Mr Smith from something he was trying to say on the grounds that he should answer your question. What I should be interested to know is the conclusion of what Mr Smith was attempting to say when you interrupted him.

  9917. MR ELVIN: I am sorry, my Lady.

  9918. CHAIRMAN: If he can remember!

  9919. MR ELVIN: I cannot remember!

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