Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 10471 - 10479)

Ordered at 10.00am: that Counsel and Parties be called in.

  10471. CHAIRMAN: Good morning. Mr Mould?

The Petition of Smithfield Market Tenants Association

10472. MR MOULD: My Lord, this morning, as I think your Lordships were told yesterday, we have the petition of the Smithfield Market Traders' Association. My learned friends, Mr James Dingemans, QC and Mr Paul Lettman appear for the petitioners. In the usual way, if it is convenient for your Lordships, I was proposing to set the scene and tell you where we got to in relation to this Petition.

  10473. CHAIRMAN: That would be very helpful.

  10474. MR MOULD: Then I will hand over to my learned friend. If we can have Exhibit 04-052, please.[1] As your Lordships will be very well aware, we are in the vicinity of Farringdon and Crossrail proposes a station at Farringdon. We have shown on this plan the general location of the Crossrail station. Farringdon Road is running broadly here (indicating) you see the existing Metropolitan and Circle Line tracks here; Barbican Station on the Metropolitan and Circle Line I am showing now. Smithfield Market itself, the east and west market and the west market buildings and then the poultry market, as your Lordships will be familiar with. The key point to note here is that the eastern ticket hall for the Crossrail station is to be constructed at this site, which we know is the Lindsey Street site based on Lindsey Street which runs here between the eastern flank of the east market building and the Lindsey Street site itself. Under the scheme presented to the House of Commons Select Committee, the intention was there should be an escalator shaft constructed beneath the basement of the east market building. I am just showing the outline, the dog leg of that structure here. That would have been constructed within and beneath the market building in the basement. You see the basement shown here with access being via a spiral ramp, which I am outlining, which lies to the south of the market complex in the location I am showing here.

  10475. I will come back to that in a moment, but can we put up 04-053.[2] This is just an aerial photograph to trigger the memory. This is Lindsey Street, forgive me, that is an incorrect reference. The street marked as Hayne Street is Lindsey Street. Hayne Street lies to the east of the ticket hall site where I am outlining here. Here is the Lindsey Street ticket hall site for the Farringdon eastern ticket hall. Here is the eastern market building and the remainder of the market complex lying to the west. As your Lordships may be familiar, traffic circulates in a one-way system around the market complex at the present time.

  10476. It might also be worth noting that there are dedicated loading bays and parking spaces located around the market buildings themselves which are used by the traders and their customers, including some hermetically sealed up-to-date, modern all-singing, all-dancing loading bays which are located broadly on the northern side of the market complex. There are some loading bays on Lindsey Street in the location that I have shown here, which may be mentioned later in the course of these proceedings.

  10477. Can we have 054, please?[3] This shows you on plan the scheme as it was before the House of Commons Select Committee and the only point I wish to draw your attention to is that you see the escalators serving the eastern ticket hall and you see that the area within which that escalator shaft will be constructed. As you can see, it pushes quite significantly into and beneath the east market building itself. As I say, on that basis, it would be necessary to go into the east market and to undertake quite a challenging engineering process within the basement of the market itself. We can see that a little more clearly if we go to 055 where I have a cross-section for you of that scheme.[4] You can see that here (indicating) on the left-hand side of the section is the east market building structure, Lindsey Street I am just pointing out and then the Lindsey Street work site with the new ticket hall showing with a schematic over-site development over the top of it. Then we have the escalator shaft, the crucial point to today's proceedings, passing beneath the market building. You can see the subterranean structure which would be constructed for that purpose beneath the market itself.

  10478. Go to 056 and I can tell your Lordships about some quite significant changes which are proposed.[5] What I am showing you now is the layout for the scheme design as it is currently proposed in a revised form. The key point here to note is that it is no longer on this basis proposed to construct the escalators on that former alignment, that is to say that they pass beneath the east market building. What is now proposed is that the escalator—and I am pointing out the escalator lying here—will be constructed on a revised alignment which would be essentially at right angles to the former proposal. They would dog-leg at the northern end of the Lindsey Street site so that they would then link in on an angle to the Crossrail platforms which are running broadly beneath—

  10479. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: May I ask a question? I do not think we have ever asked this before but the escalators that are being used here, are they pre-constructed complete units or are they built integrally into the station here? The difference being that the ones that are built in have a completely different vibration performance to the ones which are self-contained in table units.

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