Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 11140 - 11143)

  11140. MR MOULD: My Lord, yes. Mr Walker is here and no doubt we can liaise. Before we close, can I express my sincere thanks to the Committee—I know I speak for both my learned friend and myself—for having indulged us as far as thirty-seven minutes past three on a Friday afternoon.

  11141. CHAIRMAN: That is all right. That is what we are for. They are pretty complicated documents here and I do not think the Committee is terribly good at discussing them, particularly on the transcript. So it is probably better for you to do it behind the scenes.

  11142. MR MOULD: I think we owed it to you to acknowledge your indulgence at this stage.

  11143. CHAIRMAN: In that case, we will stop now until Tuesday morning at ten. Thank you very much.

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