Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12012 - 12019)

Ordered that Counsel and Parties be called in.

  12012. CHAIRMAN: Ms Lieven, are you going to deal with the undertaking on the railways?

The Petition of Westbourne Park Villas Residents Association

12013. MS LIEVEN: I think Mr Reuben Taylor is going to deal with that, my Lord.

  12014. MR TAYLOR: My Lords, we have a response to the Committee's request for an undertaking yesterday and I have been instructed on behalf of the Promoter to read out the following statement:

  12015. "I undertake on behalf of the Promoter that any subsequent decisions by the Promoter not to carry out all of the proposed infrastructure works authorised by the Crossrail Bill will be taken on the basis that, as determined by the Office of Rail Regulation using the Crossrail model, it should not have an overall negative impact on the capability of the existing rail network to handle the current and forecast growth in rail freight traffic to 2015, as accepted by the ORR in its decision dated 14 April 2008 to grant an access option to Crossrail. The translation of such capability into the allocation of capacity is for the ORR to determine."[1]

  12016. I hope that meets the Committee's request.

  12017. CHAIRMAN: I think that is going to be an improvement. Thank you very much. Before we start on today's Petitions, I wonder if I could put you on notice for something that we would all like you to do. When the Spitalfields people come back tomorrow, I cannot remember exactly how far, if anywhere at all, we have got, but I think it might be very convenient if the Promoters were to list right at the beginning all the protective measures which have been taken, and are available to them, on settlement, dust, groundborne noise, construction noise, and any specific undertakings which have been given which relate to Spitalfields and when they were given. Some of them are in the Construction Code anyway, but I think that, if we had a list of those right at the beginning, it might very well clarify matters, but it will take you a moment to collect them, I think.

  12018. MS LIEVEN: It will, my Lord, one moment or possibly two. Can I just clarify that a little? In terms of issues, such as settlement and dust, there are obviously massively complicated, lengthy and well-thought-out policies. Can I assume that what the Committee have in mind is that we can say, "Protection for settlement impacts is set out in IPD whatever" and refer to settlement deeds?

  12019. CHAIRMAN: Yes.

1   Crossrail Ref: P78, Promoter's Undertaking on Rail Infrastructure Provision (SCN-20080507-001) Back

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