Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12120 - 12139)

  12120. LADY BRIGHT: That would be very helpful because there is information required.

  12121. CHAIRMAN: Then you can sum-up at the end on the basis of what is left.

  12122. LADY BRIGHT: Precisely. So just hand over at this point, really, you are saying.

  12123. CHAIRMAN: Have you got another witness?

  12124. LADY BRIGHT: We have two witnesses but they are really here and available because I thought that Crossrail was probably going to raise certain questions on this and your Lordships might be interested in getting the information directly from them. Mr Hessenberg's wife gave evidence in front of the House of Commons on the peculiar effects of the freight trains as they pass by a certain group of houses in the street. It was to demonstrate, really, that there is a concern about what is going on under the ground. Mr Rupert Taylor, the noise expert for Crossrail, has pointed out that the way the noise works shows that there may be made-up ground or discontinuities underneath that we have not looked at yet. I am not going to raise the issue of settlement; we know we are covered by what all the other Petitioners and the local authorities have been doing on settlement, but I just wanted to indicate to you that both above the ground—noise in the air—and below we have not had the detailed studies yet. So Mr Hessenberg is available to answer questions on that and, also, deal with Network Rail, but I do not want to clog your process up too far by calling him, unless you wish to hear him.

  12125. CHAIRMAN: It is your Petition and you present it in such a way as you think fit.

  12126. LADY BRIGHT: I would like to leave the footbridge until last because I know that some of you, Lord Jones in particular, had some information you wanted dealt with and we have brought it with us and we can deal with that on an information basis. Might I call Ian Hessenberg.


  12127. LADY BRIGHT: On the question of dealing with Network Rail and its predecessors, you probably have had more direct noise effects than anyone else in the street over the years of the railway; yes?

   (Mr Hessenberg) Yes, we were sound-monitored by the Council on several occasions and they said that the decibel levels were way too high but there was nothing they could do about it because they had no jurisdiction over Railtrack. Is it Railtrack or—

  12128. At any rate, you have got files of correspondence?

   (Mr Hessenberg) Yes, it was an absolute dead end there.

  12129. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: As this is a GPS map could we possibly pinpoint precisely Mr Hessenberg's address please.[9]

  12130. LADY BRIGHT: Number 60.

  12131. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: The other map was GPS and it would be helpful to get the address.

   (Mr Hessenberg) It is more or less bang in the middle.

  12132. CHAIRMAN: What about one of those pointers.

  12133. MS LIEVEN: I am afraid I do not know which house it is, Sir.

   (Mr Hessenberg) I am pretty bad at maps but it is bang in the middle. That is the footbridge there and the Brights are here; we are about here.

  12134. LADY BRIGHT: Can you point out the two churches, the Buddhists at the left end?

   (Mr Hessenberg) Is it there, that one?

  12135. LADY BRIGHT: And down at the other end the Baptists.

   (Mr Hessenberg) Then there is the Baptist Church there.

  12136. Both of them are sites that do require a lower decibel level of noise because of specially sensitive receptors.

   (Mr Hessenberg) That is Elsie Lane, is it not, so we are here?

  12137. LORD JAMES OF BLACKHEATH: Thank you very much.

  12138. LADY BRIGHT: You can see where the footbridge is. Also we need to point out that the Underground trains, the Hammersmith & City trains go under the main lines. Can you see where that is?

   (Mr Hessenberg) About there, I think that is the portal.

  12139. LADY BRIGHT: Yes, that is right, so there is already a discontinuity in the ground.

9   Committee Ref: A64, Estimated length of acoustic wall (WESTCC-40_04-021) Back

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