Select Committee on the Crossrail Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 12520 - 12539)

  12520. The second point is the 15-metre rule. Crossrail say my building will not qualify. Can we have JP2, please?[24] This is basically an old Mott McDonald engineers' drawing on which I superimposed information: the Crossrail Engineers Assessments Building Response Assessments, 1994. As Mr Winbourne said earlier, in unrefuted minutes of evidence of my witness at the House of Commons Select Committee. That is the Annex A, and was supplied to me by Crossrail before the Crossrail Private Member's Bill was slung out in 1994. I think Mr Winbourne has explained this diagram already.

  12521. I would now like to go to JP3, please.[25]

  12522. CHAIRMAN: Mr Payne, you said you were going to tell us what you wanted us to do.

  12523. MR PAYNE: Yes, I am just explaining my situation.

  12524. CHAIRMAN: Can you not summarise what it is you want us to do, and then go back and—

  12525. MR PAYNE: This will not take long. I have a very short statement, really. It is not very long. I am trying to compare the noise that I experience right now from the Central Line, which is those yellow lines there.

  12526. CHAIRMAN: Mr Payne, please, will you listen to me? Will you tell us what you want us to do? You can go back to explain why later, but let us start off with finding out what it is that you are aiming for?

  12527. MR PAYNE: I am trying to establish that the measurements—

  12528. CHAIRMAN: You can establish anything you like but tell us what you want us to do, as a Committee.

  12529. MR PAYNE: Under the 15-metre rule, if you consider that my explanations here are correct, as per my expert witnesses explanations too, then my building does qualify for floating slab track.

  12530. CHAIRMAN: That is what you are wanting?

  12531. MR PAYNE: Yes. I am sorry; I am not an expert on this. I am trying to do the best I can.

  12532. CHAIRMAN: That is the objective. Very well.

  12533. MR PAYNE: Okay. So here we have the Central Line running east and west. We have the running tunnels of Crossrail going like that as well, and you can see my property right there. This is really a hot-spot because there is noise coming from all sorts of directions, and of course we get accumulative noise, as we heard earlier this morning, from two different directions which are almost at right angles to each other.

  12534. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Are you saying that you can hear the Central Line?

  12535. MR PAYNE: Yes, the yellow lines here. I can hear a lot of noise coming from the Central Line and it is a much smaller railway, as Mr Winbourne said earlier, if you compare the size of tunnels and look at the Mott MacDonald diagrams. I know the technology is different but I have a few other exhibits later to show you what has been going on really with the Central Line in comparison with the noise that I am experiencing.

  12536. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Is there any evidence of the volume of the noise you are presenting to us?

  12537. MR PAYNE: I have my next-door neighbour with me and as I go on I will explain an event that happened about a year ago.

  12538. LORD BROOKE OF ALVERTHORPE: Do you have readings?

  12539. MR PAYNE: No, but I have evidence to show that some engineering works happened that altered the sound and why it happened. Incidentally, the pink line and the green line show the distances from my flat to the Central Line and, as I say, the noise is quite considerable, and they are up to 90 metres away, and I am saying basically these running tunnels or the compensation grouting around them, and whatever fissures that join all these things up, will end up much less than what Crossrail say. There is a big difference in distance. I know the track technology is slightly different but, all in all, the scale of it would indicate there is going to be a much bigger sound impact than what their models suggest.

24   Committee Ref: A67, 25-28 Hyde Park Gardens (including 22 Stanhope Terrace), Section A-A Details (SCN-20080507-022) Back

25   Committee Ref: A67, Plan of Hyde Park Gardens (including Stanhope Terrace) showing distance to east bound and westbound tunnels of the Central line (SCN-20080507-023) Back

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