Select Committee on European Union Twenty-Third Report

FOREWORD—what this Report is about

In this report, we set out our views on the Annual Policy Strategy for 2009, in which the Commission describes its priorities and plans for the coming year. The Annual Policy Strategy gives us the opportunity to scrutinise the Commission's intentions as early in the legislative process as possible.

Given the fact that a new college of Commissioners will be appointed in November 2009, we comment on the Commission's overarching priorities for next year. We give our preliminary views on some of the Commission's plans, considering whether the Commission's proposed action is appropriate and achievable. We aim to influence the Commission's Legislative and Work Programme, which will be published in the autumn and will set out detailed plans for 2009 on the basis of dialogue on the Annual Policy Strategy.

We examine what the Commission says in the Annual Policy Strategy about its better regulation agenda and communication priorities for 2009. We also scrutinise the Commission's proposed allocation of personnel and funding, and comment on whether the Commission seems to be backing up its priorities with real resources.

We discuss the Annual Policy Strategy as a consultation document, including whether there is enough clarity about the document's purpose. Finally, we express our views on whether the Government gives sufficient attention to the Annual Policy Strategy.

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