Select Committee on European Union Twenty-Ninth Report


ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
Article 36
The Coordinating Committee of senior officials set up under Article 36 of the TEU to advise on Title VI matters (see also CATS)
AWFAnalysis Work File
CATSThe French acronym for the Article 36 Committee
CEPOLEuropean Police College
COSPOLComprehensive Operational Strategic Planning for the Police
CTCEU Counter-terrorism Coordinator
CTUCounter-terrorism Unit
Protocol of 27 November 2003 amending the Europol Convention (OJ C 2 of 6.1.2004, p. 3)
DG JLSDirectorate-General Justice Freedom and Security of the Commission
DPFDData Protection Framework Decision (Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on the protection of personal data processed in the framework of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters)
ECEuropean Community
ECBEuropean Central Bank
ECIMEuropean Criminal Intelligence Model
ECJEuropean Court of Justice
EDPSEuropean Data Protection Supervisor
EISEuropol Information System (see also IS)
ELOEuropol Liaison Officer
EMCDDAEuropean Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
ENUEuropol National Unit
EUEuropean Union
EurojustThe body set up by Council Decision 2002/187/JHA of 28 February 2002 "with a view to reinforcing the fight against serious crime"
EuropolEuropean Police Office
Convention on the Establishment of a European Police Office (OJ C316 of 27.11.1995, p. 2)
Proposal for a Council Decision establishing the European Police Office (Europol)
FBI(United States) Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCLOFiscal Crime Liaison Officer
FISFrontex Information System
FrontexEuropean Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States
FSJFreedom, Security and Justice—establishing an area of FSJ is the objective of Title VI of the TEU (The Commission Directorate-General dealing with FSJ matters is called Justice, Freedom and Security)
HENUHead of Europol National Unit
HMRCHer Majesty's Revenue and Customs
ICTInformation & Communications Technology
ILOInternational Liaison Officer
ILPIntelligence-led policing
IMTInformation Management and Technology
InfoExEuropol secure information exchange tool
ISInformation System (see also EIS)
JHAJustice and Home Affairs
JITJoint Investigation Team
JSBJoint Supervisory Board
LBLiaison Bureau
LEALaw Enforcement Authority
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament
LisbonSee 'Treaty of Lisbon'
MBManagement Board
MDGMultidisciplinary Group
MI5The Security Service
MSMember State
MTICMissing Trader Intra Community
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NCISNational Criminal Intelligence Service
NIMNational Intelligence Model
OASISOverall Analysis System for Intelligence and Support
OCOrganised Crime
OCTAOrganised Crime Threat Assessment
OLAFEuropean Anti-Fraud Office
PCTFPolice Chiefs Task Force
PNRPassenger Name Record
QMVQualified Majority Voting
SitCenEU Joint Situation Centre
SIENASecure Information Exchange Network Application
SISSchengen Information System
SIS IISecond generation Schengen Information System
SOCASerious Organised Crime Agency
STRSuspicious transaction report
TECTreaty establishing the European Community
TEUTreaty on European Union
TE-SATTerrorism Situation and Trend Report
TFEUTreaty on the Functioning of the European Union
of Lisbon
The Treaty between the Member States, signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007, amending the TEU, and amending the TEC and re-naming it the TFEU
UNODC    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
WPWork Programme

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