Select Committee on European Union Thirty-First Report


ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations

AU    African Union

BERR    Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

CFSP    Common Foreign and Security Policy

Civ-mil  Civilian and Military operations

CPCC    Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability

DFID    Department for International Development

ECOWAS  Economic Community of West African States

ENP    European Neighbourhood Policy

ESDP    European Security and Defence Policy

ESS    European Security Strategy

EU    European Union

EULEX  European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo

FCO    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

FYROM  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

MDGs  Millennium Development Goals

MOD    Ministry of Defence

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NGO    Non-Governmental Organisation

NPT    Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

OSCE    Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

PCD    Policy Coherence for Development

PSC    Political and Security Committee

SADC    South African Development Community

SI    Stability Instrument

UN    United Nations

UNFCCC  United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change

UNMIK  United Nations Mission in Kosovo

US    United States

WMD    Weapons of Mass Destruction

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