Select Committee on European Union Sixth Report


Recent Reports from the Select Committee

Protecting the consumers of timeshare products (3rd Report session 2007-08, HL Paper 18)

Green Paper on Succession and Wills (2nd Report session 2007-08, HL Paper 12)

European Wine: A Better Deal for All (39th Report session 2006-07, HL Paper 184)

Current Developments in European Foreign Policy (38th Report session 2006-07, HL Paper 183)

Annual Report 2007 (36th Report session 2006-07, HL Paper 181)

The EU Reform Treaty: work in progress (35th Report session 2006-07, HL Paper 180)

Proposal to establish the European Institute of Technology (25th Report session 2006-07, HL Paper 130)

Session 2007-2008 Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

Current Developments in European Trade Policy (1st Report, HL Paper 8)

Session 2006-2007 Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

The 2008 EC Budget (33rd Report, HL Paper 160)

Stopping the Carousel: Missing Trader Fraud in the EU (20th Report, HL Paper 101)

Financial Management and Fraud in the European Union: Responses to the Report (19th Report, HL Paper 98)

Funding the European Union (12th Report, HL Paper 64)

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