Select Committee on European Union Twelfth Report

Current Developments in European Foreign Policy


1.  The Committee asked the Minister of Europe, Mr Jim Murphy MP, to give evidence on the most recent developments in European Foreign Policy. We thank the Minister for his time.

2.  In the Report we make available, for the information of the House, the oral evidence given to the EU Sub-Committee C (Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy) by the Minister for Europe, accompanied by Mr Nick Latta, Head of Russia Section, and Mr Martin Shearman, Head of Common Foreign and Security Policy Group and European Correspondent, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on 23 January 2008; and the correspondence from the Minister.

3.  Key topics in the evidence are:

  • Discussion of globalisation at the December European Council (Q 1);
  • The European Security Strategy, climate change, inequality (QQ 2-4);
  • The EU's relations with Africa, in particular discussion of human rights and good governance at the EU/Africa Summit (QQ 5, 8, 9);
  • Zimbabwe (QQ 5, 9, p 6);
  • South Africa (Q 9);
  • China's relations with Africa (QQ 6-8);
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy (Q 10);
  • Ukraine (QQ 10-12);
  • The EU and Iran (QQ 13-18);
  • Iraq (Q 16);
  • Syria and Lebanon (Q 20, p 5).

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