Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


The following witnesses gave evidence. Those with a * gave oral evidence.

Henry Barlow

Biological Recording in Scotland


Biosciences Federation

Booth Museum of Natural History

*  Professor Richard Gornall, President, Botanical Society of the British Isles

Dr Janet Bradford-Grieve

British Embassy (Rome)

The British Lichen Society

British Mycological Society

The British Phycological Society


CAB International

*  Dr Mark Hill, Head of Biological Records Centre, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

*  Dr Alastair Culham, Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics, University of Reading


*     Ben Cowell, Head of Museums Sponsorship

*  Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, a Member of the House of Commons, Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism


*    Dr Miles Parker, Director of Science

*  Rt Hon Lord Rooker, a Member of the House, Minister for Sustainable Food and Farming and Animal Health

*  Professor Nicola Spence, Head of Plant Health Group, Central Science Laboratory

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Henry Disney


*  Ian Pearson MP, a Member of the House of Commons, Minister of State for Science and Innovation

European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy Consortium

EMLRC (Leicestershire County Council)

Bill Ely

Dr Genoveva Esteban

European Mycological Association

*  Dr Richard Fortey, President, the Geological Society

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

EF Greenwood

Hertfordshire Natural History Society

International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature

Professor Marcel Jaspars


*  Dr Ian McLean, Head of Targets & Standards

*  Professor Brian Cathcart, Kingston University and Chair of the New Perspectives project

The Linnean Society:

*    Professor David Cutler, President

*    Dr Sandra Knapp, Botanical Secretary

  Patricia Lorber

Professor (Emeritus) Amyan Macfadyen

Mycology sub-committee UK BRAG

National Biodiversity Network Trust:

*    Sir Neil Chalmers, Chairman

*    Dr Jim Munford, Programme Director

National Federation for Biological Recording

Natural History Museum:

*    Dr Michael Dixon, Director

*    Professor Richard Lane, Director of Science

National Museums Liverpool

National Museum Wales

Natural Sciences Collection Associations

Adrian Norris

Plant Diversity Challenge Steering Group

Plantlife International

Research Councils UK:

*  Dr Pamela Kempton, Science and Innovation Manager, Terrestrial and Freshwater Sciences, NERC

*  Professor Georgina Mace, Director, Centre for Population Biology, NERC Collaborative Centre

*    Dr Colin Miles, Head, Molecular Cell Biology, BBSRC

*    Dr Alf Game, Deputy Director, Science and Technology, BBSRC

*    Professor Philip Esler, Chief Executive, AHRC

*    Steven Visscher, Interim Chief Executive, BBSRC

*    Professor Alan Thorpe, Chief Executive, NERC

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew:

*    Professor Stephen Hopper, Director

*  Dr Eimear Nic Lughadha, Head of Science Policy and Co-ordination

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh:

*    Professor Mary Gibby, Director of Science

The Royal Entomological Society

The Royal Horticultural Society

School of Computer Science, Cardiff University

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The Scottish Government:

*    Dr Liam Kelly

Society for General Microbiology

Systematics Association

*  Professor Richard Bateman, President, Systematics Association

UK Biodiversity Research Advisory Group and the Global Biodiversity Sub-Committee of the UK

*  Professor Rick Battarbee, Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London

University of Reading

Dr John Waland Ismay

Professor Roy Watling

The Wellcome Trust

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside

Yorkshire Naturalists' Union

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