Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Letter from the Aerotoxic Association

  I watched the Committee's inquiry with interest, but regret to inform you that much factual evidence was not presented to your inquiry.

  It is always hard to know which pieces of evidence might convince you that there is a massive problem looming in the aviation industry; but as with the Hatfield rail accident several years ago, perhaps the true state will only become understood in the aftermath of an actual fatal accident when inconvenient evidence finally emerges.

  Here are some examples to illustrate the sort of cracks that are being currently papered over:

    —    A pilot fell asleep in a simulator due to fatigue caused by contaminated air and lost his job;

    —    I elected not to fly a Public Transport aircraft on three separate occasions citing fatigue in 2004-05;

    —    In February 2007 a passenger flew to the US, she and her whole family were made ill; when a complaint was made to the airline they claim she was the only one to complain. It then transpired that 40 other people have complained of the same problem;

    —    I applied for a personal Flight Safety report from the CAA to be released—nearly a year ago. The Freedom of Information act has still failed to allow that report to be seen by me;

    —    A cabin attendant who flew a different aeroplane with a different airline but lives 25 metres from me and who lost her job due to a "mysterious undiagnosed illness" admits to identical medical symptoms. Her health issues have never been understood by doctors for over six years;

    —    Numerous pilots reporting ill health, which is conveniently labelled as "psychosomatic" by doctors who are now known to be "amazingly ignorant" (Professor Bagshaw) and mistreated with anti-depressants.

  Further factual information you may be aware of, and I regret that the Committee was not able to question the specialists about:

    —    In December 2005 I went to see Professor Muir with many other pilots from my low cost airline with evidence of illegal rostering, as she was commissioned by my airline into "the reasons why so many pilots are leaving";

    —    Professor Bagshaw grounded me, after a 30 year career in aviation (the last 16 years of which was flying the BAe 146) in February 2006 with "chronic stress". In March/April 2006 I was tested by Dr Sarah Mackenzie Ross of UCL and was found to have been chronically poisoned along with 26 other pilots. Why was this not untypical occurrence reported to the Committee?

    —    In February/March 2007, the Air Transport Users Council were given full details of the injury sustained by a family and others travelling to the US, but rejected any liability for health issues. This again was not mentioned at the inquiry;

    —    BALPA have stopped answering letters from several members, who have suffered ill health from contaminated air, despite acknowledging a serious problem does exist and that many member pilots are ill.

  There are many, many more incidents. How is it that they fail to see the light of day until after an accident?

  I would be grateful if you could either contact the above for further details or I would be willing to supply you with the evidence directly, as I am sure you will agree that the present cover up is totally unacceptable in a democratic society which fortunately still enjoys freedom of speech.

16 July 2007

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