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The table below shows the pay gaps identified at May 2009 in relation to the ethnicity of staff.

Number of Staff (FTE)Median FTE Base Pay
BandWhiteOther EthnicityNot Declared*All Staff% other**WhiteOther EthnicityNot Declared*All StaffGap**

Band A











Band B











Band C
























Asked by Lord Clement-Jones

Lord Davies of Oldham: We do not consider that such an investigation is necessary. Any marketing undertaken by casinos must be socially responsible and licensees must comply with the Gambling Commission's requirements on marketing as set out in the Commission's Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP).

The LCCP includes specific provisions in respect of free or discounted drinks promotions and free bets in licensed casino premises and can be viewed on the Commission's website at www.gamblingcommission. 08 %20final%20pdf.pdf.

Government Departments: Bottled Water


Asked by Baroness Warsi

Lord Davies of Oldham: The department spent the following on bottled water.











In September 2008 the department installed a system to filter and bottle tap water on site. The department now no longer purchases bottled water.

11 Jun 2009 : Column WA161

Health: Statins


Asked by Lord Dykes

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Lord Darzi of Denham): Raised cholesterol levels are a significant risk factor for all cardiovascular diseases including coronary heart disease and stroke. An estimated 6-8 million people are currently receiving statin therapy, saving an estimated 10,000 lives every year, as well as reducing the number of heart attacks. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence provide guidelines on prescription of statins both for primary and secondary prevention. However, it is for clinicians to decide in each case where statins should be prescribed for an individual.

Housing Benefit


Asked by Lord Laird

The Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury (Lord Myners): Estimates of the amount of income tax paid by private landlords on income derived from housing benefit paid in relation to private tenancies are not available.



Asked by Lord Ouseley

The Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury (Lord Myners): The term “living standards” is used to refer to household disposable incomes, after adjusting for the household size and composition, as published in the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) publication, available at

11 Jun 2009 : Column WA162

Israel and Palestine


Asked by Lord Hylton

Lord Davies of Oldham: The UK welcomes President Obama's early engagement and determination to work towards resolving the Israel-Palestinian issue. We support fully President Obama's emphasis on the need for Israel to end all settlement activity, the need for Palestinians to renounce violence, the importance of a two-state solution, and the importance of stimulating the Palestinian economy.

Marine Conservation


Asked by Lord Dykes

Lord Davies of Oldham: The Government are not currently considering plans for signage to explain marine protected areas (MPAs) to visitors. For MPAs near to the coast, the Government would expect the relevant public authorities, including Natural England, to identify the need, and make provision, for display boards where appropriate. This is in accordance with their duties under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006, and as proposed in the future by the Marine and Coastal Access Bill.



Asked by Lord Avebury

Lord Davies of Oldham: Our embassy in Bahrain has received a number of reports in recent days from British citizens that British passports have been held by the Bahraini authorities. The same citizens said that this had been happening for some time. Our ambassador attended the Foreign Ministry on Sunday 7 June 2009 to demand that this practice ceases and that any British passports currently held by the Bahraini authorities be returned immediately to the embassy.

11 Jun 2009 : Column WA163



Asked by Lord Hylton

Lord Davies of Oldham: EU representatives are not formally observing the trial of the 12 defendants in Kazan. Our embassy in Moscow is, however, monitoring developments in the trial. It is important that all judicial processes in this case are carried out fairly and transparently. The UK strongly supports President Medvedev's rule of law agenda, and we discuss these issues regularly with our Russian counterparts, both bilaterally and through the EU.

From the reports on the trial that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has seen, it is unclear who initiated the prosecution of the suspects. These reports do however say that the detention of the suspects was a joint operation between the Tatarstan branch of the Russian Federation Security Service (FSB) and the Tatarstan Ministry of the Interior.



Asked by Lord Laird

Lord Davies of Oldham: The UK has signed up to an EU common position and endorsed many UN Security Council resolutions that refer to the territorial integrity and unity of Somalia. We believe that, through dialogue between the Somaliland authorities and the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, the Somali people themselves should determine the most appropriate future arrangements. Beyond that we believe that any process of international recognition must begin in Africa and countries in the region should take the lead in recognising any new arrangements.

We acknowledge that Somaliland has achieved relative peace and stability. Nevertheless, we continue to apply the recognition criteria specified in the Written Answer of 16 November 1989 (Official Report, col. 494). These criteria are more likely to be met if countries in the region themselves recognise Somaliland.

We remain committed to supporting development in Somaliland and continue to engage with its authorities in a range of areas.

11 Jun 2009 : Column WA164

Sport: Personal Data


Asked by Lord Moynihan

The Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting (Lord Carter of Barnes): On 6April 2009, the EU Article 29 Data Protection Working Party published an opinion on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI), related provisions of the WADA Code and International Standards, and other privacy issues in the context of anti-doping. The opinion is available on the EU's website at

Following this, WADA approved a revised ISPPPI which will come into force on 1June 2009. This will bring the ISPPPI in line with European data protection standards and will provide further assurances that appropriate, sufficient and effective privacy protections are in place for “whereabouts” information. This is available on WADA's website at

I will place a copy of both these documents in the House Libraries.

The European Commission, the Council of Europe and WADA are now working together to look at other data protection issues identified by the working party, which could not be addressed by making changes to the ISPPPI. This includes issues related to the Code and International Standard for Testing, which set out the requirements on “whereabouts”.

This process will determine whether any other changes are necessary.

Taxation: Income Tax


Asked by Lord Laird

The Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury (Lord Myners): I have nothing further to add to the answer I gave on 2 June.

Television Licensing Authority


Asked by Lord Vinson

11 Jun 2009 : Column WA165

The Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting (Lord Carter of Barnes): Under the terms of the BBC's charter and agreement, it is the responsibility of the BBC Trust to ensure that arrangements for the collection of the licence fee are efficient, appropriate and proportionate. The BBC has informed me that it does not have any legal right to demand that people without a television receiver contact them.

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