Government Communications - Communications Committee Contents


(1)  A redefinition of the role and scope of government communications
(2)  A strong central communications structure
(3)  Strong, integrated departmental communications structures
(4)  Disband the Government Information and Communication Service (GICS)
(5)  Greater emphasis on regional communication
(6)  Recruitment and training to raise professional standards and maintain Civil Service impartiality
(7)  New rules governing the conduct of special advisers and defining more clearly the boundaries with the Civil Service
(8)  Effective implementation of the Freedom of Information Act 2000
(9)  Clearer rules for the release of statistical information
(10) A new approach to briefing the media
(11) Customer-driven online communication
(12) A reappraisal of the relationship between politicians and the media

For further details of the recommendations of the Phillis Review, please see our Call for Evidence, reproduced at Appendix 3.

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