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Annex B


Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Bill—Session 2006-07

    First Reading—21 November 2006
    Second Reading, Committee and remaining stages—22 November 2006
    Royal Assent—22 November 2006
    44 amendments tabled at Committee Stage—none agreed

Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) (No. 2) Bill—Session 2006-07

    First Reading, Second Reading, Committee and remaining stages—27 March 2007
    Royal Assent—27 March 2007
    Bill not printed in the Lords
    0 amendments tabled

Banking (Special Provisions) Bill—Session 2007-08

    First Reading and Second Reading—20 February 2008
    Committee, remaining stages and Ping Pong—21 February 2008
    Royal Assent—21 February 2008
    Bill printed under SO 51
    21 amendments tabled at Committee stage—5 Government amendments agreed; 3 Non-Government amendments agreed
    3 amendments tabled at Report stage—none agreed
    3 Government amendments tabled during Ping Pong—all agreed

Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill— Session 2007-08

    First Reading—8 July 2008
    Second Reading—10 July 2008
    Committee and remaining stages—15 July 2008
    Royal Assent—21 July 2008
    32 amendments tabled at Committee stage—2 Government amendments agreed

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