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The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked with * gave oral evidence.

Mr Andrew A Adams

AD Group

*  Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)

Mr Martin Beaumont

Trevor Bedeman

*  Mr Mike Bradford, Director or Regulatory and Consumer Affairs, Experian

*  British Computer Society

*  Dr Lee Bygrave, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

The e-Assessment in Child Welfare Research Project

*  Vernon Coaker MP

The Customer's Voice

Mr Charles Farrier

*  Professor Jörg Fedtke, Faculty of Laws, UCL

*  Professor David Feldman, Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, University of Cambridge

Finance & Leasing Association (FLA)

Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR)

*  GeneWatch UK

Tarique Ghaffur

*  Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia

*  Mr Tim Hayward, Acting Director of the intercept modernisation programme Home Office

*  Dr Gus Hosein, London School of Economics and Political Science

*  Mr Peter Hustinx

*  Professor Peter Hutton, Chairman, National DNA Database Ethics Group

*  Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants


*  Sir Paul Kennedy, Interception of Communications Commissioner

*  Professor Bert-Jaap Koops, Tilburg University Institute for Law Technology and Society (TILT), the Netherlands

Dr Hazel Lachohee and Dr Andy Phippen

*  Professor Graeme Laurie, University of Edinburgh

The Law Society of Scotland

*  Liberty

*  Professor Ian Loader

*  Local Government Association (LGA)

LSE Identity Project

*  Mr Tony McNulty, MP

*  Professor Janice Morphet

Mr David Moss

*  National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA)

Network Research Group

Dr Daniel Neyland


NO2ID Hackney & Shoreditch

*  Professor Dawn Oliver, Professor of Constitutional Law, UCL

The Open Rights Group

*  Dr Chris Pounder, Pinsent Masons

*  Sir Christopher Rose, Chief Surveillance Commissioner, Office of Surveillance Commissioners

*  Royal Academy of Engineering

Runnymede Borough Council

*  Mr Toby Stevens, Director, Enterprise Privacy Group

*  Surveillance Studies Network

*  Martyn Thomas, independent consultant and UK Computing Research

Dr T Thomas

Hugh Tomlinson QC

*  UK Computer Researching Committee (UKCRC)

*  Mr Philip Virgo, Secretary General, EURIM

G M Walkley

*  Mr Stephen Webb, Acting Director of policing policy and operations, Home Office

*  Dr Victoria Williams

*  Mr Michael Wills, MP and Ms Belinda Crowe

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