Codecision and national parliamentary scrutiny - European Union Committee Contents


The members of the Select Committee which conducted this inquiry were:

    Baroness Cohen of Pimlico
    Lord Dykes
    Lord Freeman
    Lord Hannay of Chiswick
    Baroness Howarth of Breckland
    Lord Jopling
    Lord Kerr of Kinlochard
    Lord Maclennan of Rogart
    Lord Mance
    Lord Paul
    Lord Plumb
    Lord Powell of Bayswater
    Lord Richard
    Lord Roper (Chairman)
    Lord Sewel
    Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean
    Lord Teverson
    Lord Trimble
    Lord Wade of Chorlton
Declaration of Interests
Lord Hannay of Chiswick
    Member Advisory Board, Centre for European Reform
    Member Advisory Board, European Foreign Affairs Review
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard
    Chairman, Centre for European Reform
    Vice-President, European Policy Centre
    Member of Council, Business for New Europe
A full list of Members' interests can be found in the Register of Lords Interests:

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