Money laundering and the financing of terrorism - European Union Committee Contents


Relevant Reports from the Select Committee
The Treaty of Lisbon: an impact assessment (10th Report, Session 2007-08, HL Paper 62)
Recent Reports prepared by Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs)

Session 2006-07
Schengen Information System II (SIS II) (9th Report, HL Paper 49)
Prüm: an effective weapon against terrorism and crime? (18th Report, HL Paper 90)
The EU/US Passenger Name Record (PNR) Agreement (21st Report, HL Paper 108)

Session 2007-08
FRONTEX: the EU external borders agency (9th Report, HL Paper 60)
The Passenger Name Record (PNR) Framework Decision (15th Report, HL Paper 106)
EUROPOL: coordinating the fight against serious and organised crime (29th Report, HL Paper 183)

Session 2008-09
Civil Protection and Crisis Management in the European Union: (6th Report, HL Paper 43)
The United Kingdom opt-in: problems with amendment and codification (7th Report, HL Paper 55)

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