Select Committee on European Union First Report


Recent Reports from the Select Committee

Developments in EU Trade Policy (35th Report Session 2007-2008, HL Paper 200)

Government and Commission Responses Session 2006-07 (34th Report Session 2007-2008, HL Paper 199)

Adapting the EU's approach to today's security challenges—the Review of the 2003 European Security Strategy (31st Report Session 2007-2008, HL Paper 190)

Correspondence with Ministers (30th Report Session 2007-2008, HL Paper 184)

EUROPOL: Coordinating the fight against serious and organised crime (29th Report Session 2007-2008, HL Paper 183)

Session 2007-2008 Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

Developments in EU Trade Policy (35th Report, HL Paper 200)

The Future of EU Regional Policy (19th Report, HL Paper 141)

The 2009 EC Budget (18th Report, HL Paper 140)

The euro (13th Report, HL Paper 90)

Solvency II (6th Report, HL Paper 42)

Other Relevant Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

A European Strategy for Jobs and Growth (28th Report of Session 2005-2006, HL Paper 137)

The Stability and Growth Pact (7th Report of Session 2004-2005, HL Paper 74)

The European Central Bank (42nd Report of Session 2002-2003, HL Paper 17)

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