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Letter from Angela Eagle MP, Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury to the Chairman

  I am writing to update you regarding the position of the proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Community Statisitcal Programme 2008 to 2012,[84] further to your letter to my predecessor John Healey MP, of 11 January 2007.[85]

  The Community Statisitcal Programme has been under discussion at the Council Working Party on Statistics. UK officials, in alliance with other Member States, have secured amendments to the Programme in line with UK policy on better regulation, including a greater emphasis on the need to balance costs and burdens of new statistical requirements, and the enshrinement at both strategic and sector level within the Programme of the sentiments expressed in the Commission Communication to the European Parliament on the reduction of the response burden, simplification and priority-setting in the field of Community Statistics.[86]

  With regard to the Programme's legal base, you enquire whether it is the view of the Government that Article 285 TEC enables the collection of statistics relating to the 3rd Pillar. The Government is of the view that Article 285 TEC only provides for the collection of statistics where necessary for the performance of the activities of the Community under TEC. This could cover crime related statistics insofar as such statistics were required by the Community for the performance of its tasks but would not cover the collection of crime statistics more generally for the purpose of the Union's activities under the 3rd pillar.

  UK officials have ensured that the extent of crime statistical production is both explicit and appropriate, through securing the additional text "in so far as necessary for the performance of the activities of the Community" where reference is made to statistics on crime and criminal justice in the opening paragraph of the text of Title IV of the Programme. I am now satisfied that the references to collection and production of Community statistics on crime within the Statistical Work Programme 2008-2012 are in accordance with the Treaties.

5 July 2007

Letter from the Chairman to Angela Eagle MP

  Thank you for your letter of 5 July which was considered by Sub-Committee E at its meeting of 25 July 2007.

  We support the Government's position on the legal base and welcome the insertion of a phrase linking crime statistics collection under the Community Statistical Prgramme to Community activities.

  The Committee decided to clear the proposal from scrutiny.

26 July 2007

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