Are the Lords listening? Creating connections between people and Parliament - Information Committee Contents


The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked ** gave both oral and written evidence; those marked * gave oral evidence only; those without an asterisk gave written evidence only.

Lord Avebury
*Bede Sixth Form
Bevan Brittan LLP
*David Bowen, Bowen Craggs
*The Cabinet Office
Lord Cameron of Dillington
Channel 4
Comment Technologies
Community Service Volunteers
Andrew Dismore MP
Lord Elton
*Essex Library Service, Essex County Council
Fawcett Society
Lord Feldman
Five News
*Ivor Gormley
Group on Information for the Public
*The Guardian
*Ben Hammersley, Wired UK
**Hansard Society
*Tim Hood, Yoosk
House of Lords Outreach and Engagement Programme
Lord Howe of Aberavon
Lord Hunt of Chesterton
**ITV Regions
Dr Nigel Jackson
Lord Leach of Fairford
Lord Lipsey
*Tom Loosemore, 4iP
Simon McManus
*The Mirror
*National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI)
Professor Ralph Negrine
**Lord Norton of Louth
Novas Scarman
Optimum Communications Development Ltd
Parliamentary Information and Communications Department (PICT)
*Quintin Kynaston School
Rufus Leonard
Dr Meg Russell
*Skinners' Company's School for Girls
**Sky News
Baroness Thomas of Winchester
*The Times
*UK Youth Parliament
Lord Vinson
*Wolverhampton Express and Star

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