Annual Report 2008-09 - Information Committee Contents

CHAPTER 3: Outreach

Use of the Chamber

11.  Last year, the Information Committee and the Administration and Works Committee agreed that the House of Lords Chamber could be used for appropriate events with young people, up to once a year, as part of the House of Lords outreach and engagement programme. That decision was taken on the basis that advice on the events (including the choice of partners) would continue to be sought from the Information Committee.

12.  In April 2009, we agreed that a debate by and for young people about the issues that affect them should take place in the Chamber on Friday 10 July. The debate, chaired by the Lord Speaker, was the flagship event for the leadership and community day of the SHINE week, the national youth festival celebrating talent in young people run by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

13.  Two hundred young people aged 13 to 25 were selected to participate in the event via a range of youth organisations and networks. The event was filmed and broadcast on BBC Parliament, and a half-hour documentary following three of the participants was broadcast on the Community Channel. A 10-minute clip of the highlights was posted on the Parliamentary YouTube channel.

Releasing archive material for academic research

14.  The Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit was approached by the British Film Institute (BFI) to take part in an academic resource project called InView. The project aims to make televised Parliamentary source material, currently held within the BFI Parliamentary Broadcasting Archive, available to academic students and staff as a learning resource for research and study over closed academic computer networks. Following our consideration of the proposal, the Clerk of the Parliaments, as Parliamentary copyright holder for the Lords, signed the licensing agreement with the BFI, and the project was launched in September.

Releasing archive film footage and filming in the future

15.  In 1968 a three-day experiment in televising the House of Lords took place. The BBC and ITN both undertook filming, none of which was broadcast. BBC Parliament has now requested use of a brief extract of the footage in a documentary about broadcasting in Parliament, to which we have agreed. We considered broadcasting in the context of our recent inquiry and recommended (at paragraph 83 of our report Are the Lords listening? Creating connections between people and Parliament) that more could be done to make footage of parliamentary proceedings more interesting for viewers. We look forward to developments in this area.

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