Annual Report 2008-09 - Information Committee Contents

CHAPTER 5: Parliamentary ICT services

21.  The Committee considers regular updates from the Parliamentary Information and Communication Technology department (PICT). Each year, the Committee considers PICT's business plan and annual report and receives updates on developments in relation to Members' services provided by PICT.

22.  We acknowledge that the work of PICT is complex, with a large number of customers many of whom often have divergent requirements. We acknowledge also that services to Members are improving markedly. We are aware however that there remains a level of concern and, as a result, in our view, services to Members is an area which continues to require attention.

23.  In April 2009, the Committee was briefed on the effect of the conficker virus on the parliamentary network. The Chairman asked the Director of PICT to relay the Committee's thanks to PICT staff for their work in response to the virus.

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